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Thoroughly enjoying this and can’t wait for more! Characters are fun and varied, dialogue is clever and intriguing, and pacing definitely holds my interest. Can’t wait to learn more about some of these mysterious characters (I’m lookin’ at you, Lucas!) Very well written, one of the best I’ve seen on Webnovel. So much to love about this book! New chapters are definitely worth my FPs, PS and coins.


I'd like to remind that this is entirely my own opinion and only based upon everything up to chapter 20. (Because there are still so many more chapters to read!) Writing Quality: Writing is excellent. Word choice and descriptions make everything vivid and immersive. Story Development: Like a walk in the park, takes the story its time to establish relationships, characters and the scenery itself. A very pleasant time that doesn't shy away to show the dark side that is encompassed inside this world with the right amount of action and suspense. Character Design: Not only is there enough time to get to know the characters, they have actual depth and react to the world around them a unique way. Update stability: What's to say? The writer does still write, so good. I guess... World Background: What we get shown of the world leaves just enough place to get a glimpse of the mystery's it hides. There are no info dumps. Everything gets established through dialog and flows naturally into the story. Summary: In short, I recommend you to try it yourself. Although I might have to put in on hold for the while being, because I have already too many novels on my list, this story will definitively stay in my library until I find the time to finish it.


"You can't run away." This is what I wanna say to all the passers-by who had got recommendations of this book but they're not skipping it without opening. "I will definitely find you again." This is what the book is saying to all of those passersby. So it's all up to you to read it right now or again when all the chapters will be lock and you'll have to pay to read. Well it's not like I'm going to not tell why I'm saying all of that. I'm definitely gonna tell you so now listen carefully. This book has what you call a mind-corrupting thrill, it will definitely corrupt your mind. The book is full with suspense, there is always a mysterious vibe surrounding the leads, which makes you wonder more about the story, next there is the not-so-good-feeling background at many places which brings out the creepy scenes of movies you had seen earlier. For example a guy at night coming out at place and texting [I'm here] and then the scene where the [You can't run away] text appeared. Well these are few scenes where I felt, I shouldn't read this book at night. Now about the story performance in general, so there is stable updates with good writing quality and consistent plot, that is definitely a rarity nowadays, I have read some books where author just write fake chapters for days. But unlike those authors this author is good, there's not much grammar problem, and the author himself answers in case of queries. I mean author is genuinely good, you can ask him anything anytime and he'll reply you positively. Now before ending let me clarify few things I have not read the whole work, I have just read till the free chaps end, but I'm pretty sure I'm still underrating this work, this work really deserve some more praise and I'm not saying this because I feel really bad for breaking a promise with author or I need some help of author, I genuinely mean it. All in all the author is doing a fine job. I hope he'll send me some codes so that I can read the locked chapters too.


The story is awesome. gain my attention from the first chepter. writing quality: Author's writing quality is very good although she very new writer and this is her first book. story development : From what I have read The story is not that of slow pace in which write add forcefull events to lengthen the plot. Character design : characters are designed well. but yes there is still chance of development. Updating stability is good. story is setup in mordon World the there is nothing much to say about world background. in the end it is not a perfect story but it's worthy of giving try. well this is only my review. but give it a try atleast. 👍 keep up good work author


I must say the plot is extremely intriguing , I'll give it 5 stars for that. it's a must read ..............................................


A really good book I give you 5 stars for this. ......................................................... ...............................................


please please make a part two I love this novel and I am dying to see what happens next just please please write another part early.please, please


Alright... I gotta say, this fic was not what I was expecting at all. Sadly, I'll have to drop it since it isn't my cup of tea, but I'm not saying this fic isn't bad, in fact, it's great! The plot moves slowly and mysteriously, causing the readers to embroil themselves deeper into the plot. The characters feel alive. They have their own goals, their own feelings, and their own mindsets. Don't let me get started on MC who clearly has mental trauma and is trying to cope with whatever she does. Story progression is paced very effectively, and executes it very well. Overall, this fiction is a great read for those who wants thriller and suspense.


The writing quality is so far really really good. There are a few minor mistakes but these are really less. Story progresses at a fair speed and the story is really amazing. Characters are one of the specialities of this book. They are flawless. Updating stability is cool. World background develops gradually along the chapters. Best of luck, Mista!


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Woah ! kidos to writer. I can sense the the hidden mystery that hooks us more to delve into novel. I like the plot. The book title is too catchy 😁. I wonder how writer can depicts the scenario so well. Keep updating fellow author. More power to you.


I really love this story and how the concept is i mean wow the start is sad with the girl losing both of her parents when she was only 9 in a car crash and then grace coming to take care of her i wanna know more about grace she came so suddenly is she evil is she the one tormenting the girl so chilling


This book definitely has thrill and it the story makes me curious as to what's gonna happen next, I am so amazed and thrilled by the work of the Author. The author sure knows how to use proper twist and turns and how to **** up heads, 10/10 for this book. [img=update]


DISGUSTING…..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BUT I CROCO LIKE IT.


The story is awesome. gain my attention from the first chapter. writing quality: The author's writing quality is very good, although she very new writer and this is her first book. Characters are fun and varied, dialogue is clever and intriguing, and pacing definitely holds my interest.


i really love this work!!! every paragraph makes me want to read more and more. it's such a good work author. will continue read it until the end


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..................................................... Very musterious...... Very interesting...... quite fascinating.... a really amazing! Good job author! keep it up!


Why can't I stop reading this? Because the book is really mysterious and interesting. There is always a creepy atmosphere surrounding Katherine and I don't feel good about Lucas, the book doesn't seem to have grammar mistakes, a well-written book. Good job author!


Amazing mystery. This gives a western fantasy vibe. It is really rare to see such books here in WN. Thanks author! You should read this too.