1 Prologue (1)

The streets were full of crowd and blaring horns of the vehicles covering the road. The indistinct voices of people made my headache even worse and home was still miles away. I decided to take the silent alleys and turned left into a dark alley.

Less noise, less people, a better choice, I thought to myself and made my way through the alley. The alley was dark and quiet and my eyes were still adjusting to the darkness. Only thing I could see were the blur lights from the other end of the alley.

As I was walking, I got a creepy feeling as if someone was tailing me, but there was no sound of footsteps other than my own. As this creepy feeling stirred some anxious thoughts in my head, I started walking faster, hoping to reach the end soon, before my follower does something.

Once I reached the end, I turned back to see if someone was there, but there was no one. Relief swept my whole body and so did fear, because this wasn't the first time I've felt this way, it has been happening since my parents died in a car accident seven years ago.

I was 9, when my parents died. It was a car accident. We were returning home. I was a little sleepy in the backseat while my parents were in the front. And the next thing I knew, I fell on the road and the car fell off the bridge. It is still a mystery that I got out of the car at right time while my parents were still inside when the car fell off the bridge.

After their death, my custody was alloted to my mother's best friend Grace. Although Grace and I have no blood relation, she still takes care of me like a mother does. To me Grace is the closest thing to a mother. I used to think if I was forced upon Grace, but she made it clear that she wholeheartedly volunteered for my legal custody and I can never be a nuisance or burden to her. She told me that when I lost my mother and father, she lost her only best friend too and somehow she feels obligated to me.

But ever since my parents died, I have been feeling someone's presence around me as if someone's watching me, following me everywhere, lurking in the dark, in the shadows. I always feel someone's eyes on me. As a child, I used to think of the presence as my parent's spirits trying to reach out to me. But the eerie feeling I get gives rise to negative vibes. I feel scared and cold whenever I feel like someone's watching me. And this has been happening since a very long time and I was used to such sudden inconvenient terrors.

The night was growing colder and I was just a few steps away from home. My stomach grumbled and my feet were almost numb inside my shoes. The chilling breeze continuously brushed my face as I walked faster.

Finally I reached home and unlocked the door. I went inside, Grace was sitting on the couch.

"Hey!" I spoke and slid my backpack off my shoulders and set it aside on the table. I went to the kitchen and took a glass out of the shelf.

"Hey, how was your day?" Grace asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"Just a normal ordinary one, nothing new." I replied and pour water in the glass.

"Were you with Cee after school?" She asked.

"Yes, then she dropped me at the library, I had to return some books." I gulped water and washed my hands.

"Ok let's eat then." Grace set the dishes on the dining table and I slid into a chair beside her.

"Yeah, I'm so hungry."

After dinner I went to my room and took a shower. I changed into my PJs and sat on the bed. I checked my phone for any calls or messages, but I had none.

I opened my backpack and took out my textbook to take a quick reading.

After studying for 30 minutes, my eyes grew heavy and I decided to call it a day.

So I pulled the bedsheets and snuggled into my pillows when suddenly I felt something under my pillow. It felt like a piece of paper, folded into a half. I switched on my bedside lamp to see what it actually was.

It was a piece of paper, I unfolded it and it read,

'I'm watching you'

And just after I read it, the paper started burning. I threw it away in shock and jumped out of my bed. The paper burnt and turned into ashes. I was terrified and had no idea what just happened.

How did a piece of paper caught fire out of nowhere? And the most important question, how did that note came into my room? Who would have placed it? For a second, I convinced myself that whatever happened was a hallucination but the ashes on the floor proved that it was real.

Everything was real, there was a note under my pillow, which read, "I'm watching you", and then it caught fire out of nowhere. But the greater question was how did all of this happened?

"I'm watching you", the words kept reverberating in my head. I thought of all the possibilities of what it could mean, when I realised it finally.

I had always felt a presence around me, I always feel like someone's watching me and lurking somewhere around me. Does that mean it's all real, that someone's really around and watching me? Does that mean someone's trying to threaten me? But why would someone do that and who would do that? 

Confused and exhausted, I fell asleep. 

 * * * * *

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