The Celestial Phoenix and His Guardian (BL)

[I will take a small break for this story until the romance contest is over, in the meantime you can check my newest novel The Divine Mage System I can guarantee you that you will like it ;)] Alanis was the most powerful phoenix of his generation, the only one who could use the sacred fire, but as his world was experiencing war for the first time after millennia of peace, his clan leader, having found no other solution, gave him a perilous mission that sent him away from his people with the aim of making him a celestial phoenix, which was the only way to defeat the Emperor of the Dragons and restore peace in their world. In the world of Gadreel, where he had been sent, he met Mika, a boy who seemed rather ordinary at first but who quickly fascinated him. Alanis began to make a deal with him to get what he needed to become a celestial phoenix, but soon, in spite of himself, Mika took hold of his heart. Mika as for him possessed a Wandering Soul that he wasn’t even aware of, and as their adventures progressed, they would discover together that the two of them hadn’t met just by chance and that their destinies had been linked since the dawn of time. ……………………… Mika who once again felt his heart racing at the touch of Alanis then replied, "Maybe ... " And he added suddenly, his curiosity getting the better of his rationality, because it would probably have been better not to ask this kind of question, "Are all phoenixes as tactile as you?" Alanis frowned and he answered him honestly, "No, phoenixes are generally not tactile creatures and touch is reserved only for our family or lover." Mika couldn't help but point out to him then, "Then why are you being so tactile with me, I obviously don't fit into either of those categories." Alanis laughed heartily and he suddenly said very seriously, grabbing his chin so that he could look him in the eye, "Obviously... Not yet!" Not yet! These words sounded strangely like a sweet melody to Mika's ears and Alanis' look clearly expressed his desire for him. He saw Alanis looking at his lips and he saw him leaning dangerously towards him, Mika tried in vain to remember why he shouldn't mix pleasure with work but when he felt Alanis' lips touching his, all his good resolutions went up in smoke. ……………………… Mika will have to level up from level 0 to 12 in Gadreel and for that he will have to loot dungeons and do quests, of course Alanis will be there to give him a hand, that will be the first arc of this story. The second arc will take place in Nihava and we will learn more about their origins, there will also be epic battles and family time. WARNING : this is a BL novel with mature content, it's not a slow burn romance and it will be a sweet love. If you like this novel you can give a try to my other works : My Mage System (BL) The Divine Mage System Reincarnated to save the universe (GL/BL) UPDATE : Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

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First Rewards

He had absolutely no apprehension, even though he wasn't used to this body yet, he had kept all his knowledge from his past life, so it should be enough to be able to fight any creatures that would be in a low level dungeon.

The central system then immediately opened the map that appeared on the pupil of his left eye, and several dungeons were available near the hospital, they were all located in the forest and they were all identified as low level with 1 to 5 stars.

And as he wondered what the stars meant, the central system told him how the dungeons were rated.

[The dungeons are classified by difficulty level, low, intermediate, dangerous, deadly, and they are all rated from 1 to 5 star, 1 being the weakest and 5 the hardest.

The rewards are proportional to the difficulty of the dungeons, so it is advisable to go in a group for more safety]

A satisfied smile appeared on his face, and since this was the first time he was going to enter a dungeon, he decided to be cautious and choose one with only 1 star to start with.

The central system told him the fastest way to get there and before leaving he decided to take a shower and put on clothes more appropriate for fighting than the hospital gown he was currently wearing.

The nurse had told him that no one else would come and disturb him tonight as everything was fine with him now, and that he could leave tomorrow morning at the time he wanted.

As his room was located on the second floor, once ready, he opened his window and jumped without any hesitation, he landed easily as he had learned to do since his childhood, and after a roll he got up and he was rather satisfied because even though this body lacked flexibility he was still athletic.

He had put on a jogging pants and a hoodie that he had found in his belongings and he put the hood on his head before following the direction indicated by the central system.

After only 20 minutes of walking, he arrived in front of the low level dungeon with 1 star and on the ground there was like a black hole, after the central system confirmed for him that it was indeed the dungeon, he jumped in without thinking too much about it.

As he had no weapon, on the way he had picked up a stick and carved it with a sharp stone, this weapon that he had made quickly with what he had found was better than nothing, and this stake should be enough to be able to deal with the creatures that he would face in this dungeon.

After jumping into that black hole, he had had the same feeling as if he were going down in an elevator with transparent windows, except that he was in a dark tunnel and that his body was suspended in the void.

As the tunnel became brighter and brighter as he descended, he was dazzled before he realized that he had finally touched the ground.

He immediately opened his eyes wide and got into a fighting stance, he was in a kind of small meadow and several red-eyed rabbits were moving towards him quietly.

In ordinary times he would never have been suspicious of small rabbits, but here he was in a dungeon where everything was supposed to be dangerous, and as he had just arrived in this world, he was surely not going to let himself be killed by simple small rabbits.

But he soon realized that those little rabbits that looked so harmless were actually creatures he had to kill.

When the first ones tried to attack him, they came towards him with their mouths wide open and then he saw their teeth which looked more like those of a wolf than those of a rabbit, and he couldn't help but think that it was really too weird.

Fortunately, his stake allowed him to pierce their skulls with a single blow. These creatures must have been really low level for him to be able to kill them so easily and every time he killed a rabbit it disappeared instantly.

The only problem was that every time he killed one, another one would appear.

He killed a good twenty of them in succession and when they finally stopped appearing, he saw that silver balls the size of pingpong balls were there where he had killed them.

He approached one of these balls and he heard like a bell ringing in his head and a message immediately appeared in his left eye.

[Congratulations, please place all the rewards you have earned above the red button of your identity bracelet]

Rewards, really he thought, all those silver balls were rewards… And even though there were fewer silver balls than rabbits he had killed, it was still a very good start.

He took the first silver ball and he placed it over the red button, it was immediately sucked into the bracelet and he saw another message appear in his left eye.

[You have just earned 20 silver coins and 1 experience point]

He couldn't help but think that looting dungeons was indeed a very lucrative activity, if he took into consideration that his job as a waiter only paid him 10 silver coins per hour, all those balls represented a real fortune for him.

When he finished sucking up all the silver balls he had just gained without much effort, the system gave him a summary of his earnings and he had just earned 240 silver coins, 14 experience points and 2 rabbit bodies.

He asked the central system if the experience points he had just earned could be used for anything other than leveling up and the system answered him immediately.

[Experience points can be exchanged for magic herbs, weapons or money.

But beware, the higher you level, the higher the demand for experience points will also be]

Mika was really excited, even if he decided to stay a level 0 Guardian, looting dungeons would allow him to live a confortable life he was sure of it.

He decided to keep going and once he had crossed the meadow, he found himself in a forest where this time he was attacked by wild dogs.

They looked like labradors, but they had the same problem as the rabbits, they didn't have canines, but huge sharp fangs.

They were also harder to kill, fortunately for him they were less numerous than the rabbits otherwise he could have had trouble getting rid of them.

As he dodged their claws and fangs, he chose to stab them at vital points for instant death. He aimed mainly at the eyes, throat and skull which were the easiest places to hit with his stake and once dead, those wild dogs disappeared just like the rabbits.

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