The cannon fodder's revenge (BL) Book

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The cannon fodder's revenge (BL)


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(Completed) This is the first novel I've ever written, please be nice. “Whoever freed me made a mistake, because I'll only bring death and carnage in my wake.” A mysterious voice proposed: “How about we do it together baby?” A-Xuan spent his entire life fighting to be able to live well since he was an orphan with no one at his side. All he did was work and go to school until he got a well-paying job in a famous high-tech company. Just before he could enjoy the fruit of his hard labor, he was abducted and became a slave to a cannon fodder system CF. From then on started his miserable journey. For over 20 000 years he suffered misfortune after misfortune as he traveled from world to world. Each body he inhabited lived a terrible life until its painful end. Between each world, he only had a few moments in the Locus space before he had to move on until it turned into freedom. A-Xuan studied the interface in his forearm, and then looked at his status in the CF system. He smiled and looked around the stary place. He watched as a shooting star passed in front of him. A-Xuan reached out and destroyed the star in pieces with a vicious smile. Now that he is free, he'll use the CF system as it should've been used. He'll cause immeasurable damage and suffering to anyone who had a hand in the extermination of all the bodies he'll inhabit. A-Xuan reached for the nearest star and disappeared with a malicious smile. Arc 01: Modern Era (15 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Abo (10 Chapters)✔ Arc 03: Actor (13 Chapters)✔ Arc 04: Vampire (13 Chapters)✔ Arc 05: Interstellar (8 Chapters)✔ Arc 06: Mafia (10 Chapters)✔ Arc 07: Ancient Era (8 Chapters)✔ Arc 08: Witch (13 Chapters)✔ Arc 09: Ger (14 Chapters)✔ Arc 10: Fairy (14 Chapters)✔ Arc 11: Origin (16 Chapters)✔ Arc 12: Apocalypse (10 Chapters)✔ Arc 13: Gods Realm (9 Chapters)✔ *********************************