The Bulletproof Diaries Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Bulletproof Diaries


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*Mature scenes, please be advised* Ellie O’kyle just transferred to a new school In Seoul, South Korea, she is 18 yes old and Is not the type of person to socialize with people, she then later meets Kim Namjoon, whom she thought was a regular weirdly handsome teenager, but then she applied for a job at BigHit entertainment company for the managing position, one requirement is “living In” she’ll have to pack up and he’s for the dorms of BTS, the world star superstars whom she will have to manage and live with. She’ll then later find out many more deeper secrets that this job holds for her, what these 7 guys intent to hold for her. How will this story end? (Love among 7 men, 7 men whom she’ll share a different type of love for, a love that she won’t want but can’t control)


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