The Brother OF Eywa

It's about the brother of Eywa and how he ended up being reborn as a human after sacrificing himself for his sister so she could continue to live, now he lives as a human that's the big brother of Jake (Jacob) Sully and (Tom/Tommy) Thomas Sully, they are twins and he does what he can to keep family together. what will happen when he gets back to Pandora in his new life, how will life be for him there, will he be loved or hated? well read the book and find out forgot to say Mc is bisexual, he just ends up falling in love with the same gender is all.

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Chapter 3: Getting out into the forest with the Avatars and meeting the Na'vi woman.

well now we get to the good part of the story, hopefully you will like this chapter as well :P



Nathan chuckles quietly and then goes to sleep, still not sure about why his Avatar is different from the normal looks of them.



Nathan wakes up and sighs as he sees darkness again and mumbles.

"well i hate not seeing anything, that's for sure"

he sits up and finds his clothes where he knows the chair is with them on, then gets dressed slowly before he walks out of the room, as soon as he gets out of the room, a soldier that thinks that just cause he's blind, he forgets how to fight and tries to attack him from behind as soon as he walks towards the lab where the Avatar hubs are. (i copied a word i saw from other stories, suits better than link bed). Nathan when feeling threatened, moves to the side and kicks the backside of the soldier's ankles so that he tips backward fast and hits the floor hard.

"don't ever do that again soldier, you never know when i might need to save your ass and will ignore to do so"

Nathan's cold tone warns the soldier from attacking again and then he walks towards the lab again, leaving the idiot on the floor. as soon as Nathan gets to the lab, Grace shows up and says.

"who got an idiot that's trigger happy onto the floor?"

(Nathan) "well that was me, he attacked me and i only defended myself"

(Grace) "i knew there was something i liked about you"

Nathan smirks as Grace smiles and then Nathan slowly gets to his Avatar hub to link up with his Avatar. Grace waits until he is laying down before getting the Avatar hub started and before she closes it so he can link up, she says.

"good job there and see you on the other side"

Nathan salutes her and then closes his eyes as soon as the Avatar hub is closed up, links up and opens his eyes in his Avatar instead. he smirks and sits up before slowly standing up and stretches a bit before he walks outside and says to his brother.

"you will be using a riffle but i need you to listen to me Jake, is that understood?"

(Jake) "but you are not..."

(Nathan) "i'm the highest rank you could be in the marines special group, so you answer to me if you don't wish to be an idiot. am i clear?"

(Jake) "yes sir"

smirking Nathan one arm hugs his brother and nods before walking towards the ship that's taking them to the forest. well Pandora forest that looks like a jungle in itself. when they are all sitting in the ship, Avatars and two humans, Trudy the pilot and a trigger happy idiot as Grace calls them. Nathan have a bit of a laugh in his mind cause of that straight on nickname of marines that shoots without thinking much.when they land Nathan gets out and looks around, his purple colored eyes twinkling like a child seeing nature this beautiful for the first time but that's can't be, he tries to remember but all he get is a headache and stops trying to remember anything. he sighs and says to Wainfleet.

"Stay with the ship. One idiot with a gun is enough."

Wainfleet nods and stays on the ship as Jake joins them but as soon as he hears a sound, he raises his gun towards the sound and sees prolemuris also known as Syaksyuk in Na'vi.

(Nathan) "relax you *moron* they are harmless"

(Jake) "how do you know that?"

(Nathan) "unlike you, i do read and check everything before i came here"

laughing softly he pats Jake's shoulder before he walks away to check what Grace and Norm does, telling Jake to stay put of course. when seeing that Grace and Norm are busy with samples and talking, he closes his eyes for a short while before looking behind himself right over his right shoulder, seeing Jake gone from where Nathan told him to stay put at, he sighs and runs in the direction where as which he knows Jake took off towards. as soon as he finds Jake, he chuckles softly and says.

"you big baby huh?"

(Jake) "what, have you seen this?"

(Nathan) "in books, yes but still be careful cause you never know what's hidden behind them..."

Jake ignores his warnings and starts patting onto the swirl like plants and as he touches them one by one, they shrink themselves back into the ground. after a little while Jake pats on the biggest one he has found yet and it starts shrinking and sets off the other plants as they starts to shrink as well one by one until all of them are gone. Grace shows up as soon as she hears the hammerhead Titanothere.

(Grace) "don't shoot! Don't shoot. You'll piss him off."

(Jake) "it's already pissed off."

(Nathan) "Jake, that armor's too thick. Trust me. It's a territorial threat display. Do not run or he'll charge."

(Jake) "what do I do? Dance with it?"

(Grace) "just hold your ground."

Nathan tries to stop Jake but Jake being a idiot, charges towards the Hammerhead Titanothere and yells out loudly, trying to be intimidating.

(Nathan) "seriously Jake, you could have stayed put and listened to both of us..."

Jake isn't listening to Grace or Nathan as he yells out when the Hammerhead Titanothere stops and then turns around to run towards his herd where his mom is.

(Jake) "ha, ha! Yeah, come on! What you got! Oh yeah, who's bad? That's right. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, bitch. That's right, get your punk ass back to mommy. Yeah? Yeah, you got nothing. You keep running. Why don't you bring some of your friends, huh?"

(Nathan) *Jake you stupid idiot, stop taunting it and think for a second why it ran*

but Jake is not listening as he keeps on yelling but as soon as he hears a growling sound coming form behind both himself and Nathan. seeing the Thanator Nathan glares at Jake where as Jake goes pale and raises his gun again. the Thanator jumps over them and tries to get the Hammerhead Titanothere that's running towards his herd and parents, as soon as it tries that, the herd gets defensive and shields the young one as they prepares to attack the Thanator but the Thanator stops and turns towards Nathan and Jake instead, growling as it's getting ready to pounce onto them.

(Jake) "what about this one? Run? Don't run? What?"

(Grace) "run! Definitely run!"

and both Nathan and Jake takes off running with a angry Thanator after them. Nathan is cursing Jake in Na'vi as they are running and well they hide inside of a tree, underneath the roots but ends up needing to run again when the Thanator grabs hold of Jake's gun with it's mouth and throws it away, Nathan yells at Jake to hurry and they both runs faster but Jake's backpack gets stuck in the Thanator's mouth. Nathan yells out.

"get rid of the backpack, Jake listen to me...get rid of it!"

Jake does as Nathan says, well yells at him to do before they both runs toward a cliff. both thinks "oh shit" before they jumps and falls down towards the water underneath. as they hit the surface, the Thanator stops and roars at them, angrily and Nathan grabs onto Jake and gets him up onto land before he says.

"you are a moron brother, why do you always raise your gun before thinking hmm?"

(Jake) "well we are away from there so all good right?"

(Nathan) *you stupid jarhead for a moron*

(Jake) "what was that?"

(Nathan) "let's just go"

Nathan pulls Jake into the forest and slowly walks deeper into it, Jake staggering behind himself. none of them thinks about eyes watching them as they walks away from the water.

Later that same day, after sun down:-

Jake makes a torch or more like as best as he can make one and Nathan shakes his head as he says.

"Jake, don't do that, you will attract Viper-wolves"

(Jake) "we need light"

(Nathan) "no we don't need that"

but Jake is not listening and lights up the torch he made and as soon as he does that, Viper-wolves shows up as they got attracted to the light.

(Nathan) "you moron"

he crouches down and says towards the Viper-wolf that's closest to him.

*hi little one, i mean no harm, please let me try and get my brother away from here*

the Viper-wolf looks at him and blinks before backing away slowly, still growling a little, Nathan grabs hold of Jake and is about to walk away as he pulls him but Jake has other ideas and ends up taunting the Viper-wolves of course and Nathan sighs.


(Jake) "i haven't got all day, come on, come on!"

and the Viper-wolves that ends up getting taunted attacks of course and Nathan curses in Na'vi as he does all he can to make the fight less bloody. after some time of fighting, Jake gets pounced by a Viper-wolf and he stabs it but another attacks him, he continues fighting until a Viper-wolf almost gets him. a Na'vi woman shows up out of nowhere and starts getting the Viper-wolves away with minimum killing as Nathan just sits and mumbles something in Na'vi to help a dying Viper-wolf move on, stabbing it in the heart to stop it's suffering as tears falls from his eyes without him knowing. the Na'vi woman crouches down beside the other Viper-wolf that's dying.

(Neytiri) *forgive me. my brother, my brother."

as Jake tries to talk to Neytiri, she ignores him.

(Neytiri) *forgive me, my brother. may your spirit run with the great mother. forgive me.*

when she's done praying, she mumbles.

*These Sky People!*

Jake looks at her and tries to move closer again as he says.

"look, I know you probably don't understand this... thank you."

she ignores him as she continues talking in Na'vi but he's quite stubborn and talks again.

(Jake) "that was pretty impressive. I would have been screwed if you hadn't come along."

(Nathan) *that moron*

Nathan mumbles the words in Na'vi and sighs as he shakes his head and watches as the Na'vi woman stands up and walks away, ignoring him and Jake.

(Jake) "hey, wait a second! Where are you going? Wait up! Just, hey, slow down! I just wanted to say thanks for killing those things..."

she hits Jake with her bow.

(Jake) " aah! Damn!"

(Neytiri) "don't thank. You don't thank for this! This is sad. Very sad only."

(Jake) "okay, okay. I'm sorry. Whatever I did, I'm sorry."

(Neytiri) "all this is your fault. They did not need to die."

(Jake) "my fault? They attacked me! How am I the bad guy?"

Nathan facepalms at his brother's stupidity and sighs.

(Neytiri) "your fault! Your fault."

(Jake) "easy. Easy.."

(Neytiri) "you are like a baby. making noise, don't know what to do. at least he knows more than you"

(Jake) "easy. shh. fine, fine. if you loved your little forest friends... why not let them kill my ass? what were you thinking?"

(Neytiri) "why save you?"

(Jake) "yeah. yeah, why save me?"

(Neytiri) "you have a strong heart. no fear... but stupid! ignorant like a child!"


and cut. hope you like this, there will be more. updating as often as i can. stay tuned ^^

and just saying that even tho i get her name there when she's talking, Jake and Nathan doesn't know her name yet. ty for reading and hope you like it ^^


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