1 Introduction


A Glimpse In The Story:

She wanted nothing more than to end her sufferings for once and all, but something was stopping her.

A secret or a punishment?

She wanted to run away from everything but no matter how far she ran, the pain and sorrows of her past surrounded her at every corner.

She was ready to give up, ready to accept that she didn't deserve goodness, happiness, or love.

But then her life changed. For the first time in seventeen years of her cold and broken life, she found people who called themselves her family and she found a place to call home.

But did she want a family?

Was she ready to forget about her past and move on?

How could you move on when you felt like you were not welcome in your own family, just like in her past?

For them, she was their little sister,

For her, they were strangers who suddenly appeared in her life and took its reins in their hands.

She was becoming the center of their lives, while her life was caught in the center of darkness and pain.

They promised to cherish her and give her a better life, but she was struggling for every single breath.

Living with, or to be precise under the control of, six elder brothers who were strangers to her, Emily found herself in a completely new world.

A place that was completely different but at the same time felt like home.

Her brothers loved her, at least that's how they acted...most of them! But they were hiding something.

Their lives were as full of secrets as Emily's and none of her brothers was telling her anything.

It's like she hadn't already been lied to enough in her life that once again every day she was facing more mysteries and lies.

The new bond between the brothers and their little sister was weak and it needed time and patience to bloom.

Though slowly, she finally started trusting in the word - family. The walls that she had built around her started lowering around her brothers.

But with time, new secrets would be unfolded, many mysteries and questions would arise, and their trust and bond would be tested.

Now it's up to the Alessandro siblings to pass all the hardships as a family.

It's a trial for Emily to defeat the darkness of her life and become the sunshine of her brothers' lives and it's also a test for Alessandro brothers to heal their sister with their love and support.

Emily would need to learn that the word "Family" always comes first. That she wasn't alone anymore and she too deserved love and happiness in her life just like everyone.

And the Alessandro brothers would need to learn that protection didn't mean controlling. Good motives didn't confirm good results. That everyone should be given a chance to speak, to defend, to stand up for their rights and they deserved respect for their decisions.....even their little sister.

"Family is not just an important thing.

It's Everything~"


Main Characters :

# Emilia Alessandro, aka. Emily

Age - 17

Appearance - milky white skin, dark green eyes, long dark brown hair, and a cute round face. About 5'3" in height.

Even though her life was the second name of misery and pain but she was a young girl whose heart was full of love and kindness for others. She had strong walls built around her which stopped anyone and everyone from looking too deep into her life. Her past was her greatest weakness and she was the broken angel who was either about to shatter or maybe miraculously come out even stronger than before.


# Domenic Alessandro

Age - 28

Appearance - well-built body, about 6'3" in height, dark green eyes, sugar brown colored hair, and a handsome face that looked like it was sculpted by God himself.

He's Emilia's legal guardian. Being the head of the family and the controller of their multi-million dollar business empire, Domenic carried a cold and unreachable persona. He's not lenient when it came to the safety of his younger siblings. He's more of a father figure and a person who's strict on rules. His words were the final decision.


# Daniello Alessandro, aka. Daniel

Age - 25

Appearance - well-built body, about 6'2" in height. Dirty brown colored hair, green eyes, and handsome features.

Being the second eldest brother, Daniel was the second in command in the absence of Domenic. He was more approachable compared to other brothers...only for his little sister. He's more like a mother figure for his siblings and super protective of Emily. But didn't mistake his calm and peaceful aura, he could be as ruthless as Domenic when the situation demanded.


# Marco Alessandro, aka. Mark

Age - 22

Appearance - Black hair - surprise! Well, he had colored them. Dark green eyes, also 6'2" in height like Daniel, and handsome just like his other brothers.

Mark was the bad guy in the family. He's a heartless monster for the rest of the world but loved his siblings more than his own life. His heart was soft only for his little sister but he would never admit it. For him, violence was the solution to every problem.....*sigh*


# Cristiano Alessandro, aka. Crist

Age - 22

Appearance - Dirty brown hair, dark green eyes, 6'2" height, handsome features which climbed a few steps higher in those sexy round glasses that he wore.

Mark and Crist were twins, but Crist was the polar opposite of Mark. He's the most chilled brother out of all the siblings. More of a geek and loved his little sister dearly. He's not as imposing as the other brothers but still overprotective.


# Simone Alessandro, aka. Simon

Age - 20

Appearance - exactly the same hair and eye color as Emily, about 6 feet tall, handsome without any doubt.

Simon was as cold-hearted as Mark if not any less. He too solved most of his problems with his fist. Though he acted cold toward Emily just like Mark but he too loved her more than anything.


# Leonardo Alessandro, aka. Leo

Age - 18

Appearance - exactly the same as Simon except he's a few inches shorter than him.

Being the youngest brother, he was the closest to Emily. He's also overprotective of her but never tried to overdo it. He's a little bit more understanding and cool kind of brother when compared to others.


A|N: This story will be a roller coaster ride if you decided to join. I'm challenging myself with this storyline but it's something I wanted to write for a very long time.

You will feel so many emotions throughout the journey of this story. There will be pain, sadness, frustration, happiness, and much more. At least that's how I wanna write it, something that can move your emotions.

This story even though fiction, is the sad reality of many people in our world. Maybe not exactly the same as this storyline but there will be many parts where you can relate.


WARNING: There will be use of abusive language and some scenes may contain child abuse. If you find it as a triggering content please don't read it.


Please give this story a chance. I myself am more of a fantasy, wuxia, and historical romance genre lover but sometimes you can find love for unexpected things when given a chance.

Just like I said, I'm challenging myself with this story, and it means I'm open to your honest reviews. If you have ideas about the story plot, please feel free to leave them in the comments. I'm always up for good suggestions.

Hope this little experiment of mine will work.

Enjoy reading!

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