186 She Finally Saw His Half Naked Body

Allynna felt stunned when she found out that even her best friend would no longer know about her relationship with Leon.

"Leon Is it necessary to erase my friend's memories? They were so happy when they found out I was dating you." Allynna felt bad for doing that to her best friend. What's more, Helan really idolizes Leon. Making him refuse to enter the military in order to enter the Royal Intelligence division led by Leon.

"In the end, they will find out. But right now the situation is not safe. So, we better narrow down people who know your identity. When everything is done, they will know your real identity as Allynna Moon. And I will meet them one more time. I will officially introduce myself as your fiance…" Leon could feel Allynna's feelings. Her best friend means a lot to her because they have been friends since childhood. 


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