The Breeding Ground (Snippets/One-Shots)

The seeds of stories are planted in fertile ground and allowed to grow. If they sprout and blossom, they may be moved to their own plot of land. If not, they may still receive love and nourishment in The Breeding Ground. *Please read the Preface chapter*

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Welcome to The Breeding Ground!

This story isn't going to be like most stories on this site. It's a collection of stories rather than one singular idea. Here, you can expect to find the beginnings of stories and random ideas I've had. Some will be snippets. Some will be one-shots. And some will just be things I've written that might not see the light of day otherwise.

Considering the varied nature of the chapters/stories here, there will probably be things you don't like. To minimize complaints and confusion, I'll be tagging each story extensively. It'll usually be at the top of the first chapter of a new story but if more tags come up, I'll put them at the top of the associated chapter. If you don't like the tags you see, just skip that story/chapter. Hopefully, things will be varied enough that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

A more specific warning: a few of my stories will have M/Femboy content. I realize gay stuff is a turn-off for a lot of people so I'm saying this up front. The MCs will always be on top and it'll only be with femboys but still, definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Again, though, those chapters will be tagged and you should be able to avoid it pretty easily. And to compensate, the majority of my writing is straight content.

If you like a particular story, please comment and let me know. I try to read most if not all of the comments and they may motivate me to continue it in its own thread/story. In other news, you can always choose to support me and read a bunch of chapters early at Pat reon.com/dryskies_btb ! Either way, thank you for reading!