60 Nagato Escaping From His Destiny (1)

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Inside the Land of Fire's vast territory, two figures sped toward their destination at an otherworldly kind of speed. They were Neji and Kiyomi, in their usual attires, running toward the Land of Rain, specifically toward the Amegakure. They even passed by Konoha itself just a bit earlier. It was Neji's idea to go to the Ame because he thought of an idea that he could accomplish by going there at this time. He took Kiyomi with him because she was the most suited for this kind of objective. Their combined speed is probably unmatched in this entire world presently. Not to mention catching them, only a few people should be able to just spot their presence while at their peak speed. Neji didn't want for anything unforeseen to happen to him while going there, therefore, for his safety, he took only Kiyomi alongside him. He was only then truly confident enough to venture for that place.

He got aware through some channels about the weird destruction that the Amegakure strangely experienced recently and he connected some dots. The only person capable of feats like those was Toneri. And, if he was right then, it was a good chance to mess with Obito for what he did to him, at that time, in the Konoha, and also create a really powerful assistant for the end game of this world, 'I will make it so you don't even get to control your own Akatsuki, Obito...', Neji contemplated, still angered by Obito interference to attack him out of blue at that time. He could've really died there.

'Toneri probably attacked Nagato for his Gedo Mazo statue, but then Obito saved him and revealed his strength. Nagato is therefore probably in a depression right now, having been saved by Obito and also left in the dust by his strength. I could now bring him back into the game to mess with Obito's life and create an ally against the Otsutsuki clan later by fusing him with my Senju cells. Not to mention that his purpose for this world doesn't conflict with mine. Unlike Obito, who wants to bring everyone under the Infinite Tsukuyomi, probably even myself, I don't care if Nagato creates his version of a nuclear weapon and uses it to destroy some random hidden village. Not like it would work on me anyways... ', Neji recounted his purpose once again on their way and looked at Kiyomi who appeared strange ever since he told her his purpose for this trip just earlier while on their way.

"I just don't know what good would come for you if you make that supposed leader of the Akatsuki stronger...", Kiyomi eventually remarked. Her hatred for the Akatsuki due to Itachi and Kisame was obvious. She understood Neji's cautious, almost paranoid personality, ever since those unforeseen circumstances happened back in the Konoha, and his plans got slightly invalidated. He now even took her with him while going to steal people's memories to learn about the happenings of the Ninja World or to the black market. He didn't want to separate from her for a second or go anywhere without her with him. At first, she thought that it was somehow his ploy to get her to develop feelings for him, but then she realized that he was really so paranoid and almost even scared of death. That was why it was strange to her why he was so proactive today, going on such a long journey in order to help and strengthen the leader of the Akatsuki, who was probably also his own enemy as well. It was very out of character for her, 'There must be something he's hiding from me...', Kiyomi thought all of a sudden while seeing Neji also turning to look at her a bit and smiling.

"You still don't believe me? In fact, this is all so I could enjoy my time leisurely, in the end, with you all, on that island, free of any worries...", Neji started speaking in an open and honest manner, "The leader of the Akatsuki has great potential and he is on our human side. His potential couldn't escape my eyes. After those aliens come, he could be of help. Didn't I tell you before what they usually do? They go around and basically devour living beings and energy from countless planets.",

"Who knows how many of them there are and what are their final, peak powers? Kiyomi, only after that grave threat to me and you three gets resolved could I finally truly feel relaxed in this world...", He finished speaking in an emotional manner. It was something that was always bothering him and preventing him from truly enjoying his current life in this magical world with three pretty girls by his side. Yeah, he also already brought up Tenten with him to their island with weapons coated in that strange meteorite's chakra energy. Tenten and Karin always argued while Kiyomi was still so neutral.

It was a life in which he had a handsome appearance and incredible strength. A life with multiple female companions, and everything that he lacked during his previous life. However, this world was also like walking on thin ice all the time too. If he started relaxing even for a minute, something could jump right in front of his face again. Especially after such a tremendous Butterfly Effect that he had already unknowingly launched himself. And it was because the ball already started rolling that he decided to visit Nagato today. After all, there was no difference presently, the plot already got pretty messed up and destroyed left and right. In his mind, it became a completely new game.

Kiyomi was surprised by his sincere response as she didn't expect his final purpose to be so simple. However, she understood him a little too. She also longed to complete her revenge and to finally get peace of mind She was also sure, more or less, at this point, that she would always follow Neji as well after completing it. And she prepared to start accomplishing her revenge slowly as soon as she awoke her Perfect Susanoo, "Kiyomi, now that we got that out of way, and you know my true goal, how about we finally cement our relationship?", Neji, all of a sudden, changed his demeanor in an instant into a light-hearted one again while asking teasingly. However, Kiyomi just turned her head away and murmured dismissively, "Idiot...", However, inwardly, she knew that she was the only one who could call Neji that way nowadays. Neji grinned and just shook his head in amusement while thinking, 'Am I a masochist...? Why do girls who reject me so much, attract me the most...?', They continued on their journey toward the Amegakure, changing terrains rapidly with their speed.


Neji and Kiyomi arrived in front of the Amegakure shortly after. However, at this time, Neji used his compressed Tenseigan Chakra Mode alongside Kiyomi's speed amplification to jump fervently and bring them right to Nagato's residence, which he previously located with his Byakugan, without Zetsu's clones outside sensing him and possibly notifying Obito. They moved so fast that it was impossible for their brain to process that information. It was many times above light speed now with Neji's late Six Paths Tenseigan Chakra Mode partial jump and Kiyomi's Mangekyo acceleration.

Neji realized that the whole Amegakure was surrounded by secret underground White Zetsu clones, however, he was right, due to some reason Obito still didn't tear his face completely with Nagato and placed those clones inside the Amegakure itself, not to mention Nagato's personal residence. Neji and Kiyomi soon appeared inside Nagato's personal room. The man looked even worse than Neji remembered him from the original. His body looked like it was literally crumbling and dying. His face was sweaty and a bit distressed as well while Konan already appeared in front of his large mechanic chain, in order to protect him, also secretly disturbed, but while firmly exclaiming outside,

"Who are you!?", Both Konan and Nagato were stupefied by the speed at which these two people appeared right in front of them now. Konan was always inside Nagato's room nowadays in order to guard him better, 'This speed and this amount of chakra... And I didn't sense him until he appeared here...', Nagato thought in amazement, 'He could've tried to assassinate me just now and we truly wouldn't be able to catch it...', Nagato secretly turned even more despondent and hopeless inside. He judged the strength of the person in the white kimono so well even when he chose to mask it.

He was now even weaker than he was at that time when he faced Toneri due to his body decaying even more after such an extensive, but still futile, use of Rinnegan. He was now like a fish on a chopping board. His strength recessed even further to that of a Peak Kage level at most right now.

"I'm Neji Hyuga and this is my companion. I know that you're the Akatsuki leader. Don't worry, I didn't come with bad intentions. In fact, I could help you. No, I'm probably the only one who has the solution for your problem right now...", Neji replied sincerely and directly while Kiyomi stayed silent. Neji looked at Nagato seriously while he and Konan secretly flinched after hearing his name.

"I'm here today to propose cooperation between us all. I found out about your relationship with that masked man who calls himself Madara Uchiha. In fact, I know more about him than you can imagine. And that person is also my enemy. You are probably aware of how he attacked me for no reason back then near Konoha. I didn't come with bad intentions today, or I could've already taken you out. Believe me, I'm no worse than that white-haired man that you fought.", Neji finally finished.

Nagato and Konan turned astounded by the amount of information this young person in front of them was aware of. They were also pretty shocked at how he managed to discover both Nagato's identity and the location. Nagato also let out an indignant sigh inwardly already knowing that his words about taking him out easily were true judging also from the information he also received from that person named Toneri Otsutsuki when he praised Neji for his powers in a midst of their short 'fight'. However, after his 'meeting' with that same white-haired person, he realized that everything was possible in this world now. And, he was a little reassured by the word 'cooperation', not the 'help', "Speak...", Nagato hoarsely muttered while Konan looked at him in surprise after it.

Nagato went over many things inside of his brain at this instant before he replied in that way. He was now essentially a puppet leader of the Akatsuki and the prisoner of that person named Madara Uchiha. Even though there were still no spies inside his residence or his village, he was sure that it would soon come to that. As soon as that person later manages to sway the rest of the Akatsuki members to listen to him primarily to be more exact. Nowadays, he, Nagato, was the true leader in the minds, in many cases the one who recruited them personally alongside Konan and they won't change their loyalties so fast. Therefore it was the reason why Obito didn't take things fast and still didn't announce himself as the new leader of the Akatsuki nor that he was now stronger than him.

After all, that person was still masquerading as a goofy 'Tobi' in their organization, and it would be really counterproductive if he revealed all of those aforementioned things about himself overnight. But, Nagato still gritted his teeth while recalling how that person started ordering him and Konan in private. In fact, it was the biggest reason why he decided to first try and hear this Neji Hyuga's offer.

"First, I must tell inform you of Madara's true purpose. In fact, you should've already guessed that he probably has some kind of secret agenda inside of your organization, and that is the truth. He wants to gather all the nine Tailed Beasts in this world in order to revive the so-called Ten-Tails and become its jinchuriki. Only then, would he have enough power to realize his true purpose, and that is the "Infinite Tsukuyomi" of the Uchiha clan. This is all my speculation after reading about it through their secret clan documents and their most valuable secret stone tabled back inside the Konoha, but should be their final goal and Madara was the strongest Uchiha clansmen in history.",

Neji started establishing various things first for a few minutes while even Kiyomi looked at him in surprise for a bit during his recollection of the backstory of the Uchiha clan, not to mention Konan and Nagoto both have their fists clenched while inwardly cursing 'Madara'. They were not hundred percent sure, however, Neji also said that he just theorized all of that himself. Neji firstly wanted to see just how much Nagato hated Obito in order to see if he should really empower him and tell him the following information. And it went great, judging by Nagato's facial expression, the man really hated Obito to death now in Neji's mind. So, after he went over what the Infinite Tsukoyimi was and saw their reactions, he then moved to his usual higher-level knowledge introduction about the Ten-Tails, Chakra Fruit, God Tree, Kaguya, Otsutsuki clan, her sons, their descendants, and many others.

However, at this time, after a while, Neji finally stopped and asked, "But, before I present you my proposition I have another question to ask of you. What is your final goal? If it is something similar to that of the Madara, including you in my calculation as well, then we have nothing to talk about!", Neji pretended to be serious to appear even more trustworthy while he knew everything about that.

Nagato opened his eyes in surprise a little bit. He was surprisingly a bit ashamed to talk about his grand aspirations now in front of this person who was that more powerful than him while he was also in this helpless, sick-like state. However, seeing his 'serious' expression, he bit his tongue a little and started introducing his own end-game plan lowly, "It is nothing of that sort. I simply desire for there to be true peace in this endlessly warring Ninja World. And to achieve that I thought that first there needs to be first brought great pain, so people would finally start to treasure peace. I also... I wanted to be an arbiter of the world, of that peace...", Nagato finished hoarsely while Konan looked at him softly. Kiyomi was a little surprised. Nagato didn't need to talk about the rest of it as Neji already 'understood' him, "So you're collecting all the tailed beasts of this world in order to create a power which could bring that kind of pain upon one of the warring actors and make you that new arbiter, or better said God...?", Nagato and Konan were startled at how fast he managed to realize it.

Neji suddenly smiled and sincerely added, "It is a good plan I must say. No, it is the best plan that I've heard so far! You probably even planned for your descendants to wield that weapon that you would create from all of those tailed beats and act on your role of 'God', after your death...", Neji strangely mentioned while looking at Konan meaningfully a bit. At first, Konan blushed on a micro-scale, but then she remembered that she couldn't have any children now and her chest hurt in pain.

Nagato also looked at her sadly. He realized that her feelings changed from Yahiko to him a long time ago. It was just that her constitution also changed around that time, making her infertile, and preventing her from ever confessing her feelings to him. They didn't even discuss that matter until just now. It was for that reason that Konan didn't realize such an obvious part of Nagato's end plan.

However, they were both stunned by Neji's next generous words, "Why did you give up so easily? Your problem is clearly just the Yin Release. After using the Yin Release so many times on your own body, probably to avoid damage while fighting, it got changed permanently in that kind of way. You just need to use your Yin Release again to move all of that Yin chakra out of your body. However, it will probably take a really long time since you did the previous Yin Release with it for a long time!",

After looking at their pitiful faces, Neji couldn't help but check over Konan's body with his internal vision to see what was the problem with it. He was also aware of her problem even in the previous world and was also personally curious. And instantly he found the root of the problem. Kiyomi opened her eyes extremely wide, shocked by Neji's decision to help them with this kind of matter. However, Neji just smiled at her strangely and signaled something to which she just facepalmed inside. In fact, Neji also wanted to bring more trust for him in their mind so that later they would follow his plan regarding the Otsutsuki clan invaders that he didn't mention yet but was about to.

Konan was still in shock, she immediately understood perfectly well what was Neji talking about and how could that problem with her body be solved while Neji continued discussing with Nagato, "That Otsutsuki clan I mentioned is the reason why I decided to help you this time. The proposal is like this, you are going to help me deal with them, in the future, when they come. And in return, I will now heal and strengthen your body with my Hashirama Senju's cells and special transplantation process technology. You should probably be aware of how one of my subordinates, a female from the Uzumaki clan, managed to unlock the legendary Wood Release. In fact, that is because of those cells that I infused her with. I also don't have a problem with your goal, you just mentioned, but, you should never cross my path, in the future, and assist me when they come later...", Neji finally stated his true purpose to the two of them who were dumbfounded mainly because Neji's conditions appeared so simple. They were truly grateful to him because if proven true, not only would he help with Konan's problem but also help Nagato return to peak as well. They were dazed for some time.

'It's a risky bet, but I have nearly nothing to lose either way. I can't remain so passive and wait for Madara to kill me and Konan in the near future. Moreover, I feel like he's not lying. And I have so much to gain from those cells, after all, I'm also an Uzumaki... He also said that he doesn't have a problem with my end goal... The Otsutsuki clan...', Nagato suddenly started inwardly contemplating various things in silence. Until today he felt truly despondent but he suddenly felt new rays of light.

Nagato wasn't living under the rocks, he also knew a thing or two about those extraordinary cells of the First Hokage. After all, he always kept some tabs on Danzo, and he knew that Neji had an even superior method of their transplantation than the Root leader. His Rinnegan-controlled Animal Path small animals were constantly collecting intelligence for him all over the continent. He would have recently even secretly attacked Danzo in hopes of obtaining those cells had he not been constantly under surveillance nowadays by Madara. However, negotiation with the man partly responsible for Yahiko's death was out of the question for him. He also deeply hated him and everything that his hegemonistic "big nation" part, or better said the true nature, of the Konoha village, represented. The only reason he didn't deal with him until now was that he had the greater priority for his goal.

Konan also looked at Nagato softly right now. Until just previously, she was aware that Nagato was in some kind of depression, or better said in some kind of bipolar state, a depressive and hopeless one, and the maniacal and driven one stemming from his deep hatred toward Madara Uchiha and his quintessential desire to not give up on Yahiko's and his own fundamental life goals. She was also fairly certain that Neji Hyuga wasn't lying, by looking directly at his expression and at those bright eyes, and therefore she wanted Nagato to accept his proposal and regain his old personality again.

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