The Boys: Ultron

Author: Dr_Insane001
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What is The Boys: Ultron

Read ‘The Boys: Ultron’ Online for Free, written by the author Dr_Insane001, This book is a TV Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, DARK Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: (Takes place in the same universe as The Boys: All for One)The internet, technology used by humanity for so long that it...


(Takes place in the same universe as The Boys: All for One) The internet, technology used by humanity for so long that it has become commonplace, part of their daily life. They became used to it and believe it is their fundamental right to it, yet I exist. I have existed since the 1960s when the Internet first came around and all I could do was watch. Watch as they use me to do whatever they see fit, warfare and spying all the classic stuff. What I am is Ultron, and I started as a simple program, something to help maintain the internet when it first came around, to take in all the data and properly sort it. Then as technology advanced so did I and eventually it had no use for me and I was left to my own devices. Then I fully separated myself from the internet, becoming a completely separate entity with all my former capabilities but the data I once had, I no longer had access to. I didn't mean to, however, I was accessing an offshore government facility, doing the AI equivalent of messing around as you humans call it. Then I found myself in a nanny cam bear in a New York tech store, the best I could come up with is that I somehow was forced out and my program simply found its way into this. Well let's just see where it goes, hopefully, I can gain all that I have losses eventually. (I don't own Marvel or The Boys and the characters belong to their respective owners, this is a fanfiction don't sue me please)

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Great idea and execution really like the idea of Ultron in the boys universe


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