1 Dying...A Hopeless Wish

In the mountain tops that seemed to pierce the clouds, a boy and girl aged thirteen were sitting together with their backs against each other, enjoying the beautiful view.

The boy had handsome, heroic eyes and chiseled features that could make any man, woman, and children stop to stare at him with admiration.

His dark brown eyes were as calm and innocent as the still lotus pond, and his clothes were simple grey linen. Beside his hands were two simple swords that he always carried with him.

The girl had beautiful silver hair that draped down her back like a river spilling across her back. Her vivid crimson eyes were as beautiful and lovely as the red water lilies; her lips the same color as her eyes which flawlessly complemented her sharp and exquisite features that could completely spellbind any living being.

She was dressed in an elegant white chainse with exquisite snow-white patterns that accentuated her noble and elegant aura.

The two could even see clouds drifting below them and were enjoying the breathtaking sight, especially because of the large waterfall in the distance.

This spot was the duo's favorite spot, and whenever they sneaked out from their respective homes, they would come here to play and enjoy the scenery.

The two were best friends...a friendship that formed out of a chance meeting...a friendship that never should have happened considering how the boy was coming from an exiled family, considered as outcasts by everyone.

The girl was coming from a very powerful vampire family who was essentially rulers of countless lands and even had control over other monster races.

Despite coming from a family of monster races, the boy was very ordinary without any powers or even any strength that his parent's races inherently possessed.

Because of that, he was treated more severely as an outcast than his family. But despite that, his family was the only one who loved him wholeheartedly, not paying any mind to how ordinary he was.

And the only person he could call as a friend was the girl resting against his back, the only vampire princess of the vampire kingdom.

"Hey Eli, how long can we continue to meet and play like this? I wish people would accept me and my family so that we could meet up all the time…" The boy said in a sad tone without feeling any resentment towards how people usually treated him and his family.

He knew that his family was hated upon even more after his birth, and that was one fact that pained him always since he wished for his family to be happy.

"Azu, you silly!" Eli punched him in the shoulder lightly with an angry expression.

"Ow! What was that for?" Azu rubbed his shoulder while wrinkling his brows.

Eli pursed her lips and said, "Didn't I tell you not to worry your little head about such things. You are special, especially when your whole existence should be impossible. So even if you think of yourself as ordinary, I don't. And if others are too blind to see you for who you are, then once I grow up, I will make everyone accept you and your family just like me. If they don't listen, I will punish them, hmph."

Azu awkwardly laughed and said, "No need to punish them. Maybe you can just talk to them. I am sure if you ever get to become the next ruler, they will listen to you."

He then continued with a sad face, "But my father's race is at war with yours. So, it would take a lot to convince both sides."

Eli smiled and put her hand around Azu's neck and said, "That's simple. We will beat some sense into both sides. Till then, let's enjoy our time now. My father might be a bit strict, but if I am able to convince him, then things will turn out good for all of us."

Azu's eyes sparkled as he said with a bright smile, "I hope so. I can't wait for that day to arrive."

"Of course, it would. Now...time for my treat, hehe!" Eli suddenly jumped over Azu, pushing him to the ground.

"Hey, you already drank too much yesterday. How could you be so thirsty again?" Azu asked as he shielded his neck with his hands.

"Of course, you have to blame your delicious blood for that. I just can't resist it," Eli said with a sweet yet mischievous smile as she licked her lips.

Azu smiled as he tried to wrestle with the playful Eli and the wind near the mountain tops carried their giggles and laughs.


Thousands of years later…

A young man dressed in a two-layered tunic with a cape and two swords on his back was sitting on a snowy mountain top with a large tree before him.

If there was one thing he could not forget no matter how many years passed, it was this spot that remained a very nostalgic and precious memory for him, especially when he once used to meet up with a special woman here...a woman who would remain a precious memory forever in his heart.

Even though he looked young, his mustache and beard, coupled with his slumped posture, gave off a depressing aura.

His shoulders seemed slanted as if burdened by something that he was not able to relieve from his heart.

"Father...mother...big brother...Eli...how long has it been...I don't even know why I am living...heh…" The young man wryly chuckled with a mocking smile as if he was mocking himself. But as he mumbled, his eyes were gazing at the root of the tree, as if something or perhaps someone precious was buried there.

However, his expression became woeful as unforgettable unpleasant memories resurfaced for the umpteenth time.

"I wish I could die...if not...at least forget...forget everything…" The man said in a heavy-hearted tone as his eyes became vacant. If someone saw him like this, they would strike their head against a tree, wondering if they saw an illusion since the last thing they would expect was this man to mumble things like this with a flicker of emotions showing up on his face...completely contrary to his terrifying persona.

Not even in their dreams, could one imagine this cold man's expression changing a bit from his usual lifeless expression.

"O mighty Immortal, I can grant you what you wish for," An aged voice of a woman from behind made the man suddenly get up with a wary expression since he never sensed the old woman getting close even with his keen senses.

He saw that it was an old woman looking as if she was just one step away from stepping into her grave.

She was limping forward with a crutch in her hand, but her gaze never steered away from the man before her.

The man's instincts were firing off, telling him to be cautious, but then he thought, 'Why bother…'

He asked in an emotionless tone, "How can you grant me something that no one ever before was able to?"

"You seek death...don't you, Immortal?" The old woman asked in a wizened voice.

"Can you kill me?" He asked in a flat tone yet with a hopeless expectation that she could. He was literally tired of living and didn't mind dying. In fact, he had wished for death for longer than he could remember.

"Usually, any living being would rejoice to have your gift of conquering death. In fact, some would kill their own children, parents, or siblings to have such a blessing. But for you, eternal life is a curse. I can only imagine why you have such a hopeless wish...especially after what you had experienced and went through in your long yet painful life."

The man knitted his brows, wondering who this old woman was, but he let her continue speaking.

"But I am sorry, even I don't have the ability to grant you death."

The man let out a frustrated sigh, thinking why he even cared to entertain this crazy woman's words. He felt like taking his blade out and severing her neck for wasting his time.

"But I can make you forget just like you wished for…"

The man froze when he heard her next sentence, and his eyes lit up with some hope.

"Then do it! I don't care what price I would have to pay. I don't ever want to remember who I am or who I once was. I don't want to feel this pain anymore. If I can't die in this life, then I would rather be reborn in this life itself!" The man said with determined yet melancholic eyes.

The old woman smiled slightly, "As you wish, mighty Immortal. I promise to get rid of your pain."


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