38 Are You Interested In Him?

Tiana entered her room in a huff, and before she could jump onto her bed, she heard a knock on her door, "Tia, it's me. Can you open the door?"

Tiana pinched her lips and opened the door before grabbing Sayana's hand to pull her in.

She closed the door and said in a strained voice," Why do you have to accept responsibility for us taking care of a grown-up dude? If he was a kid, I could still bite it."

She let out a frustrated sigh and sat down on the bed as she continued, "Now the college life I was so looking forward to is going to get dull with me taking care of a village kid. I doubt he even knows how to use a mobile. If he did, then everything he needs to know could be simply solved by using the internet."

Sayana sighed, "But he is still your cousin, and he seems like a nice guy. I am sure he also doesn't want to inconvenience you, just like he said. And he has had quite a rough life. So don't you think he might need our help? Okay...you don't have to worry. I will help him out in your stead, and there wouldn't be any difference."

Tiana squinted as she looked at Sayana, "Are you trying to make me feel bad? Besides, why are you so much of a good girl? Always listening to whatever my mother says? We are adults, and you don't have to listen to everything she says anymore."

She got up and continued in a fervid tone, "You have no idea how much I longed to become 18. But even after becoming 18, I feel like nothing has changed and mom is as controlling as ever. Your mom is way better than mine, to be honest. At least she doesn't nag you every minute."

Sayana wanted to say something, but she didn't, thinking that it might piss off Tiana even more.

"That's why I am looking forward to college since mom wouldn't be able to reach me there, and I can do much more on my own in a place without army-like rules and restrictions. God, our high school life was so boring and strict. Fortunately, I heard that our future college, the Providence School of Science, is like a paradise with mall-like facilities, freedom to wear any casuals, use mobiles, and whatnot...as expected from an elite university made especially for privileged people like us. At least for that, I have to thank my mom, hehe."

She went on as her expression turned sour, "But learning computer science? Seriously, what is mom smoking? Ugh, I hate science." She then pointed at herself, "Do I look like someone who can become a computer scientist or someone interested in it?"

Sayana had no idea how many times she was listening to her rant about the same topic but still replied, "I think Auntie did to make sure your future is secure since today's world is so focused on technology and how most of the things we use involve it too. And it would only evolve even more in the future. It's not as hard as you think. I can teach you, starting with the basics of programming, and it's quite fun once you learn to play around with it."

As she said, Sayana's eyes were glowing, feeling quite excited that she was finally going to learn her favorite subject at one of the best universities in the world. It was no different than a dream come true for her and something she had earned with her own hard work instead of relying on someone else's kindness.

She couldn't help but thank the gods for being so lucky.

"Gee, you are really a geek. Well, good for you since I am sure you are going to be the topper again for the umpteenth time," Tiana said with a slight head shake and continued, "But because of that, I can rely on you for all kinds of boring homework and assignments, right?"

Sayana only forced a smile at her words as she nodded.

"Great. You are the best as always!" Tiana smiled in elation as she came forward and hugged Sayana.

Sayana returned the hug with a downward gaze, and then she asked, "By the way, what do you think about Dorian, your cousin?"

Tiana broke the hug and then pinched her chin as she said with a thoughtful expression, "Hmm, he's very tall, kinda seems dorky, especially with that ugly round glasses, has horrible fashion sense, and hairstyle that looks as if someone poured tar over his head. But he sure seems to be the nerdy type, just like you. Wait a minute!"

Tiana took a deeper intake of breath as she continued in a skeptical tone, "Are you by chance interested in him? I mean, like the dating-kinda interest?

"Of course, no!" Sayana frantically waved both her hands, wondering how Tiana even came to this conclusion.

"I mean, he looks quite innocent and awkward, especially since he is a village kid, and I had always felt that your type is someone like him. Isn't that why you never dated any boys even when some losers approached you?"

She then looked at Sayana shaking her head vigorously with an aggrieved expression and felt it amusing. So she went on, "You don't have to feel shy or embarrassed. Just because he is my cousin doesn't mean I mind it. Feel free to get it on with him."

She then suddenly hugged Sayana from behind and squeezed her hidden boobs from over her clothes with an evil smile, "And I am sure he would love these big boobies."

"Ahh noo!!" Sayan's face reddened like a berry instantly as she pushed away Tiana's hands and jumped out of her hold.

"Tia, you can't bully me like this…" Sayana said in a rattled voice as she covered her bosom with both her arms.

"Hehehe, you are so funny," Tiana giggled with her hand on her stomach, seeing her peeved expression.

Then feeling her glare, she said casually, "Okay, okay. I won't do it again. Promise."

Sayana still covered her bosom as she said in a doubting tone, "I doubt it. That should be your 100th promise regarding the same matter."

Tiana slyly smiled as she jumped on the bed, "Really? I don't remember, hehe."

Sayana pulled her brows together and said, "Enough about me. Now tell me why you never dated any boys? I mean, I know you have swapped boyfriends like you swap dresses. But I never saw you stay commited to one person or date anyone seriously. As far as I can remember, you have always been the 'queen' wherever you studied or went."


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