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The book is now officially dropped, delete this in your library.


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In a world where cultivating to Immortality is a norm, a young prodigy named Magnus is envied by everyone. It's not only because of his handsome looks but with his martial and academical prowess. People of his age call him a monster. At a tender age of 4 he started training martial arts and still has the time create and recite poems. At 8 he mastered all fist and movement techniques available on his family heirlom. At 9 he started to train using weapons and is only three years away from completing his academic study leaving everyone at his age behind. At 15 he can brawl with bears, tigers, and lions, even leaving victorious at some point. And at the age 24 he's martial prowess is comparable to grandmasters and surpassing few of them in some ways. But as his Master, the Patriach of their clan, give him the title 'Emperor of the West' at age 36, a day before the coronation he was murdered by his own scheming brother. Luckily, he collected enough karma and end up transmigrating in the Modern World. This world where gaming addiction is not addiction at all. Will he strive to be a successful proffesional gamer or choose a [Lifestyle Class] with very low battle prowess and a blackhole of money and time in an Advanced VRMMORPG game called ? Watch out closely in the next episode of Drag... erhm... MMORPG: Legend Acends!! Please read this novel the author is starving. Peace out.


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