9 Chapter 09: First Day At UA

Today was going to be my first day at UA. I didn't even try and sneak in any training before going to bed when I came back from the test, since I didn't even allow myself a second of rest while I was doing the practical exam. We did have a week before the accepted students started though, so i looked for hobbies. I ended up really liking music. Specifically, soft, peaceful music. It always calmed me down, allowing me to rest more while still being awake, which was great. I liked it so much, I don't really go anywhere without a small guitar I made out of some wood outside the lodge, using some string I bought from a "music store".

Don't get it wrong, I'm not good at crafting. This is the only thing I really know how to make, and that's only through repetition.

(This is my way of introducing a fun little thing I'm gonna put at the start of all chapters from now on: Daily Music. Every chapter, I'll put in the title of a song I listen to while writing, so that you guys might enjoy it too. And with that, the Daily Music for today is: Undetale Main Theme (Vocal Cover) (Meltberry) )

A week passed in what seemed like no time, and it was the first day of UA. I could have gotten a lift there, but I wanted to run there myself. I could run extremely quick, much quicker than most transport that I've seen people use in this modern environment.

(He's much faster than pretty much all cars that aren't made specifically for speed and nothing else, not even acceleration or handling)

Thanks to this, I got to UA pretty fast. When I got there, I saw the green haired person that I briefly saw during the Entrance Exam. He seemed to be in his own world. Until he tripped, but a brown haired girl helped him, seemingly by stopping his descent once she touched him. It looks like she can either manipulate gravity, or maybe stop someone's momentum upon touching them. I wouldn't know from a simple glance of such a simple action, so I just cast the thought aside and kept walking forward. I soon got in their line of sight.

Midoriya: Huh? Um.. why is there a little boy here? Maybe's he lost? Wait, but how did he get past UA's security?

Uraraka: Hey, kiddo!

I turned to face them. I narrowed my eyes at the girl who called to me.

Me: Yes? Is there a problem?

(Anytime brackets appear when a character is talking is them talking in their head)

Uraraka: (.Geez, he sure doesn't talk like your average 8 year old.) Do you know where you are? Are you lost?

Why would they assume so?

Me: No, I just got the heavily guarded gates and missed the giant letters up there saying "UA", could you tell me where I am? Yes, I know where I am.

Midoriya: (Geez, this kid sure is negative. It's like a mini-Kacchan, just more passive aggressive. Honestly, I think that's even worse.) Umm.. I thought UA only accepted teenagers? You look 8.

Me: My family told me that they put in a word about me, and that helped. That's all I know. Now, enough pointless questions. Unless my young life is more interesting than your future hero careers, we're finished.

I turned back and kept walking towards the building, ignoring any other questions they might have for me.

Uraraka: (I've never met anyone, even adults, as passive aggressive as this kid. I thought kids his age were all cute! Why's he like this?)

I went into the building, and after a few minutes of searching, found the class I was assigned to. Class 1-A. I opened the door, and saw a multitude of different people. To name a few, there was a person with yellow hair with a black lightning bolt on it, a girl with pink skin, hair and pale horns, a person with really spiky red hair, and a person with three arms on both sides instead of one each side.

(To clarify who he replaced: Mineta. Not because I hate him, I actually find him pretty funny. I just found that the least things change if he is replaced.)

When I entered, everyone stared at me. Don't tell me they're going to ask it...

Bakugou: What's a brat doing here? You los-


My sudden outburst silenced everything and everyone in the room. It seems my voice, when raised to a certain point, has actual effects on the environment. I wonder why. (That Super Saiyan 3 kinda scene when he was awakening his quirk wasn't just a one off thing. You'll see)

I don't even know why I was so annoyed at this. Maybe...maybe it's because of what Recovery Girl said about my Lura affecting my personality. Maybe my short fuse was a part of it.

Mina: Oh, it's the kid from the Entrance Exams! Hey Bean, glad you could make it!


Me: ...Excuse me? What did you just call me?

Mina: Bean! You know, if someone's cute, you call them a Bean!

...I don't get it. And I don't want to spend energy on it, so I'll just leave it alone. I just walked to my seat, which was way at the back of the second row. I sat on it.

I then saw the two girls I annoyed during the Entrance Exam. The one with black hair tied into a ponytail and the one with the earphone earlobes.

Momo: You're the one who stole my robots during the Entrance Exam!

Jiro: And you also used me as a damn mid-air trampoline!

A kid with blue hair sped to where we were the nanosecond they said this stuff.

Iida: Excuse me?! That is very un-hero like of you, young man!

(Iida really said "That wasn't very cash-money of you")

Me: Apologies, but you still passed the exam, so, slightly less sorry. Also, I aspire to be a hero who is true to himself and what he feels, who isn't afraid to do the things I did during the exam, so I don't care how "Un-hero like" I seem. If that's all, I'm going to wait till things start.

They seemed to still want to talk, but I grew solid bone over my ears, blocking off all sounds. They got the message.

(Canon until everyone's called out to the Quirk Apprehension Test)

So, a rugged looking man named Shoto Aizawa, who, by the way, is our teacher, has brought us out to this field for something he called a "Quirk Apprehension Test". I assume he is going to test our Lura in some way. He called me up to go first. He told me to use my Lura to hit a softball he gave me as far as I could using my Lura.

I thought on this. Most of the applications I could use would just pierce the ball, and it wouldn't go anywhere. I would need a way to apply blunt force, but I don't know of any way I could do that to make it go far. I have an idea though, and it seems that it's my only bet right now.

Looks like I'll be giving my classmates some trauma.

I willed a long, blunt bone to come out of the top of my shoulder. Because I specifically wanted it to be quite long, it pierced the skin even quicker than the bones normally would, bursting open the skin, showering blood on the floor. I heard all the responses behind me. Most people yelped or screamed, others gasped.

Todoroki: (What the hell... what kind of Quirk mutilates it's user like this? It seems he has bone control, but his quirk didn't even give him something to safely manifest it...even my fire is safer)

Momo: (It's like a horrifying, and mutilating version of my Quirk, but even worse, because it's his bones! No kid should have to experience something as painful as that!)

Midoriya: (That's the most brutal Quirk I've ever seen, worse than powers over the undead, because at least those don't gore their own user!)

(Feel free to imagine how others reacted)

Even the stoic Aizawa gasped. I bet he wasn't expecting to see something this horrifying out of an 8 year old.

Ignoring their shock, I grabbed the bone. (Look at the cover image. That's what it looks like, just some differences, for example, he doesn't have the paint yet, he's not wearing the sound clothing yet, and he's smaller) I ripped it out of my socket. The pain slightly unbalanced me, making me stumble momentarily.

Aizawa: Kid, forget it, you don't have to-

Me: It's fine. This is nothing compared to some other pains my power has caused me.

He looked extremely apprehensive, but reluctantly decided to let me go on.

Aizawa: Alright, but if you even slightly stumble once more, I'm stopping you.

I simply nodded at him. I threw the ball up high, and gripped my makeshift bone staff firmly. As it was coming down, I used the Earth Stance of my Vera style, digging my feet into the ground, and cast away all other noises and other results from my senses not related to the ball and myself. As it was almost at the floor, I twisted, tearing up the ground my feet were dug into, and the bone staff slammed into the ball.

For a second, everything stopped. And then, all the force slammed into the ball at once, and sent it flying for a whole minute. When the minute ended, a number displayed on a device in Aizawa's device. It showed "5000 metres"

Aizawa said that this was going to test the limits of everyone's Quirks. My classmates seemed excited.

(Canon Aizawa speech that I can't remember properly, no matter how many fics I've read, because I have the attention span of an infant microcell. Also, can't remember the proper order of tests, so, yeah. These might be out of order, or there might be one missing)

First up, push-ups. I hadn't gotten to lots of physical training related to the arms yet at the lodge, so I wasn't as impressive as a good few of my peers in this test. I could only do around two or 3 per second. Next, was standing side jumps. This one, I did a lot better with, thanks to my footwork training, as well as the Lightning style of my Vera, making me 8 times faster than normal. The third test was grip test. I used Earth stance again, and gripped, and I got a score of 300kg. If I hadn't used Earth stance, it likely would have only have been around 50kg. Again, I haven't gotten to physically training my arms at the lodge yet. The fourth was a 50 metre dash. This one was my greatest area, speed. I was against a girl who looked to have frog features. The second we were told to go, I dashed ahead of me, leaving the one behind me coughing up from the dust I left behind at my starting zone.

I got a time of 0.45 seconds. I hadn't even used Lightning stance to further my speed.

The last test was standing long jumps. I was matched against the person with three arms on both sides (An extremely underrated boi: Shoji. AKA, Gorilla Grip). As soon as we got the clear to go, I used Wind stance to lighten myself, and jumped, getting myself a score of 125 metres. After that, everyone got to do the ball throw that I already did. I simply observed everyone else. There were some interesting results, such as the brown haired girl I saw at the entrance with the green haired kid get infinity by taking away the gravity of the ball, and the green haired kid get scolded by Aizawa, before seeming to get better control of his Lura by showing to be able to concentrate it into his finger instead of his whole arm. This seemed to set off some spiky blond haired kid, but he got restrained by Aizawa using some kind of scarf weapon.

I think that would be good to get. I'll think about asking him about it later. After this, Aizawa revealed the leader board. I was first place, and the green haired kid was last, but Aizawa relayed that no one was actually getting expelled, and that he only did it to bring out everyone's full potential. After that, it was the end of the first day of UA.

So, this is UA. Seems like I'll have an interesting journey.

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