8 Chapter 08: Entrance Exam

And with that, a week passed. During this week, my studies have seriously intensified, both for knowledge the mind and knowledge of the battlefield. I know have enough general knowledge about this modern environment to at least keep up with a 6 year old in terms of how much I know about it. Nowhere near enough, but better. My real advancements were in combat.

My footwork was now good enough to evade someone as fast as Tiger for as long as 45 minutes before I start to slow down. That's just dodging and countering though. My offensive and defensive knowledge progressed by leaps and bounds. While I couldn't beat him, I could put Tiger into a stalemate if I went purely offensive and cast away all my defence. Similarly, my defensive abilities were now good enough for me to take a couple good hits from him. Obviously, I couldn't beat him, not yet. However, I made sure to not use my Lura during these fights.

I have gotten slightly better at using my Lura to do some rudimentary things, especially the things I tried out at night last week. However, it still hurt just as much.

However, I've been working on something else as well. My non-lethal style. For this, I devised a style that would mimic the elements. Fast strikes to resemble lightning's speed, extremely precise shots to certain areas to resemble the long lasting pain of being burnt by fire, the steadiness and durability of the earth, the overwhelming pressure combined with the flow of the water in the ocean, and the freedom and lightness of the wind. All of these combined would make my regular style: Vera. (This is not real. Obviously.)

And with that, the day for the entrance exams came by. Skipping lots of boring details, after I finished the written exam, we were all gathered in front of a man with strange, blond hair. His voice was extremely loud, even without anything to speak into to enhance his voice.

(Doing the MasakoX way of his stories where I skip canon if there isn't any real change)

He told us about a point system and how we would pass if we got enough points, and we would get them by going after certain mechanical beings that the people around me seemed to call "Robots".

While his explanation was going on, I overheard a couple of people who seemed to be talking about me. Judging by the voices, it seemed to be a girl and a boy. I only knew their names because they said it in their talk.

Mina: Hey, look there Kirishima! Why's there an 8 year old here? I thought UA only would accept people at least 14 years old?

Kirishima: Mina, while it is weird, you think you could pipe down a bit? I think he heard you, his ear is a bit raised.

Seems they figured that out. Whatever, it doesn't concern me what they think of my presence here.

It seems that the speaker finished with his speech, as they doors opened shortly after. Unlike the other ones sitting around me, who were looking around like confused animals, I bolted to the grounds the second the doors were completely open.

Present Mic: Looks like the little guy gets it! Come on, you don't have all day!!

I was barrelling down the streets at speeds so fast that I looked like a blur to anyone else who didn't have a quirk that let them perceive things faster than normal. I saw a 3 pointer in front of me in no time, and I didn't even need to slow down as I blitzed past the side of it after ejecting a sharp bone out of my left palm, taking out a big chunk of it's side, having sliced enough wiring to completely disable it. Ahead of me were a small group of two pointers. I initiated my makeshift defence, and jumped in the middle of their formation, and spun.

The bones all over my body acted as shredders, turning all four two pointers into nothing but cut wire and metal. Not losing any momentum, I retracted the bones. (Also, just because I don't mention it, doesn't mean he doesn't feel any pain from these actions, he is in immense pain, but he can't afford to stop, so he just continues)

By the time the other participants had caught up to me and started getting points for themselves, I already had 25 points. However, I wasn't going to make it easy for them simply because they might be my classmates in future. I was here to pass. A woman with black hair tied into a ponytail ahead of me was about to get their first three pointer down, but I dashed past her and stole her kill by beheading the robot with a punch from my fist, my bone knuckles active. I dashed past her right afterwards, ignoring her annoyed sounds.

There was another person I found who was in battle with 2 three pointers. He seemed to have the ability to produce blades all over his body. I jumped behind his two robots and destroyed them by piercing their chest areas with a bone after placing my hands on their backs. A quick attack. I left to get more before he could even comprehend what just happened.

This went on for a little while, until I had around 72 points, but I still didn't slow down. I kept attacking robots left and right, getting me more and more points. While I was going along though, I noticed some people getting closer and closer to extreme injury, most of it being because they were being stupid. I didn't bother with it however, until someone got thrown into my way. I slowed down, and didn't bother to catch down, instead, jumping over their flying body by stepping on it mid-air, both giving me more air and stopping theirs. I landed on the back of the three pointer that threw them and stabbed it through the head with a bone from my palm. The thrown person who I used as a mid-air trampoline got up and started yelling at me.

The person was a girl with organic ear phones as ear lobes.

Jiro: Hey, what the hell was that for, kid?! You could have at least not used me as a damn trampoline!! That shit hurts, ya know?

I stared blankly at them, before turning back to continue the test.

Me: Apologies, but I saw an opportunity for more points, and I took it. You should be getting more points, too, after all.

I didn't let the girl respond, before dashing off again. I didn't come here for talk, even if I did feel slightly bad.

Eventually, an extremely large robot arrived, and almost everyone chose to run. However, I saw a green haired person rushing towards it, likely to save the girl that was trapped under rubble. I choose to leave this to fate, and ignored everything else, just continuing to gather points for myself.

Soon afterwards, the test ended, and we were all allowed to go back home. I ran back to the lodge myself, seeing as I was fast enough to get there in a small amount of time.

-A week later- (I don't remember how long a timeframe there was between the entrance exam and when the participants got their results for it)

I got a letter from UA, I opened it, and a holographic image of a tall, buff man started speaking, It told me that I was accepted into UA, along with other things that I didn't care about enough to mention. (I don't remember everyone's points, just know that Jokara got first place in the leader board)

Looks like I did it. Guess I have something to look forward to starting next Monday.

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