Calenta Country, July 2038.

"There was a great war on Earth in 2021, it was neither a nuclear weapons war nor a chemical weapons war, but it was a war between mankind and werewolves." A middle-aged male teacher in front of the class started his lecture. "Werewolves, based on scientists' research, first appeared in the 1980s. Scientists researched their bodies and found the fact that the werewolves were once humans. They didn't know who the first werewolves were, but they concluded that the first werewolves were ordinary humans who turned into a werewolf after a mysterious mutation."

The teacher swiped the Large-Format Display in front of the class, and a photo of a creature appeared on the screen.

"This is a photo of the first generation of werewolves that were captured and preserved by the scientist in the 1980s," he started explaining again. "They still could not control their form and did not have a consciousness so that they always took the form of a half-wolf human; a creature that looks like a human who walks on two legs, but their body hairs are very dense."

The screen showed a werewolf's photo with detailed information. They were large in shape. Their height was about two meters, they had long and sharp fangs on their teeth, their eyes were blood red, and the nails of their fingers and toes were also long and pointed. Their form was truly like a monster, unable to speak and only howling like animals. To be precise, they were howling like wolves.

The students stared at the photo in horror. They couldn't imagine how was the Earth seventeen years ago that full of terror.

"The first generation of werewolves had no consciousness, in the sense that they forgot their identity as humans and only moved according to animal instincts. They forgot their names, forgot their past, and also forgot how their life was before turning into werewolves. They had no mind, all they knew was a way to survive, and that's mainly related to food. The type of food they consumed was fresh meat, and their favorite dish was human meat."

When the students heard the words "human meat," they started getting goosebumps. The air around them turned chilly in instant.

"Humans officially fell prey to the flesh-eating creature. Many innocent humans fell victim to the ferocious monsters. Sadistically, many humans became the food of the furry beast. The creature's bite did not cause a human to transform into a werewolf, but the human would die instantly. Their flesh and blood were eaten without mercy, and it was clear that they had no chance of survival when the werewolves managed to catch them."

That further explanation didn't make the students felt any better.

"Teacher!" A male student suddenly raised his hand to interrupt the teacher's explanation. "If werewolf's bite could not turn a human into a werewolf, then, how did werewolves maintain their population on Earth?"

That was an interesting question, and the teacher smiled before answering, "The answer is so simple. Like humans and animals in general, werewolves maintained their populations and reproduce through mating. Werewolves were mammals that produced gametes through meiosis in gonads. Sperm were produced by the process of spermatogenesis, and eggs were produced by oogenesis."

The student who just asked the question nodded in understanding, and the teacher continued, "Werewolves experienced rapid development in their bodies and it started showing in the 2000s. That rapid development had allowed them to control their forms as they wish." The teacher once again swiped the large screen, and a new photo appeared on the screen. "They could change forms like an ordinary human without dense fur, blood-red eyes, sharp fangs, and sharp nails. Their posture was also of normal size like an ordinary human."

The photo on the screen was a photo of a werewolf in its human form. The students noticed that there was no much difference between humans and werewolves if the werewolves were in that form.

The teacher once again swiped the screen and explained, "On the other hand, they could also fully transform into wolves that walk on four legs." The screen showed a photo of a large wolf. "In addition, they could still transform into werewolf monsters just like in the first photo that you saw earlier. The difference between the werewolves that appeared in the 1980s and the 2000s is their consciousness. In the 2000s, werewolves' consciousness started emerging. They could also talk and do activities like humans. That was when the Earth started going into chaos as werewolves started trying to take over the world. They began to infiltrate the human world, disguised themselves as if they were humans, then launched attacks to eat them."

The students gasped after hearing the explanation.

"In 2021, the human population on Earth reached 7.8 billion, and the werewolf population was only 0.001% of that number or only about 7.8 million. That number was spread all over the world, bringing terror not only in one country but in almost all countries, including in this country."

This country, Calenta, was a tropical country covering an area of 206.226 km2. The country was an archipelago with a large island surrounded by many small islands. Calenta meant warm, and that name was related to the country's average temperature that relatively warm. The warm country couldn't avoid the werewolves' attack seventeen years ago.

"Perhaps at a glance, you would think that the werewolf population would pose no threat, but it was not that simple. Based on the research, the physical strength of a werewolf at that time was about ten times stronger than an ordinary human. They could easily beat humans barehanded," the teacher continued explaining. "Not only that, but the development of their minds was also very significant that they could create a variety of weapons that rivaled human weapons. It could be said that the difference in numbers did not necessarily give mankind the upper hand in that war."

"Then, how could humans defeat the werewolves seventeen ago, Teacher?" Another student raised his hand and asked a question.

"That's a good question," the teacher praised the student. "A special force was formed to fight against the werewolves. They had been trained for years both physically and strategically. They were equipped with sophisticated weapons ranging from firearms, bombs, grenades, and other weapons to help them exterminate the monsters."

The student looked quite satisfied with the answer and nodded.

The teacher then swiped the screen again. "It was when the war entered its first year period that the humans started to get the upper hand. The difference in numbers was finally able to speak volumes. It was not surprising because the number of werewolves had also decreased due to the war. From a total population of 7.8 million, there might only be around a thousand remaining. And when they were pressed, that number kept decreasing because mankind intended to exterminate them all. The war lasted for about a year. Many victims fell, both from the human side and the werewolf side."

The screen showed several photos of the victims from the war seventeen years ago. The students stared at the photos sympathetically. Many people died and were injured. The injured ones looked as tragic as the dead since they lost some parts of their bodies like hands and legs.

"Even though mankind's special forces desperately tried to annihilate the entire werewolf clan, unfortunately until the end of the war they did not succeed in destroying the entire werewolf population. About 50 werewolf populations managed to escape and hide somewhere, which led them to be saved from the onslaught of mankind's weapons."

Some students were whispering to each other after hearing the explanation.

The teacher turned off the Large-Format Display and continued, "After the war, the humans quickly tried to recuperate. Every country had its method to recover, including Calenta and also this city, Serein. Serein, as the capital city of this country, suffered the most damages." He then sat down on his chair after standing for quite a long time. "Even though the devastations caused by the war could not possibly be repaired in a short time, but starting from that day, humans could finally live freely without feeling afraid of werewolves attack. That was the story of the big war seventeen years ago. Do you guys have any questions?"

The students were silent for a moment, and the teacher patiently waited for the feedback. Until finally one of the female students hesitantly raised her hand, and the teacher let her speak.

"Teacher, earlier you said that there were about 50 werewolves who escaped after the war. Is it possible for them to attack humans and initiate a war again in the future?" The beautiful student asked.

The teacher smiled wisely at the question and replied, "It's best for me to not answer your question. If I answer with a "yes," it looks like I jinx it. And, if I answer with a "no," it looks like I'm a liar. Let the time answers your question, alright?"

The pretty student seemed to not be satisfied with the ambiguous answer, but she didn't brave enough to protest. In the end, the blue-eyed girl could only nod.

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