"We didn't find Blue," Kevin said weakly.

Bonfires lit gallantly cut through the darkness of the night. The pile of firewood started burning, creating a huge fire after Kris lit it with a match.

The red glow contrasted sharply with the deep black of the night. The light was so beautiful, it gave color to the night that was once dull.

Kris and Kevin sat together there. They sat not too close to each other. There was a distance of around two meters separating the two of them.

"Are you hungry? I brought some bread and milk for you," Kris asked as his hands rummaged his black backpack, choosing to ignore Kevin's depressed words.

"I'm not hungry," Kevin replied shortly.

Kris sighed, but he still threw a loaf of bread at Kevin and said, "Eat, then I will tell you about the project related to Blue."

Kris's words made Kevin's face shine. He quickly grabbed the bread, unwrapped the plastic, then devoured it like a hungry kitten.


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