"Who is coming?" Blue asked as her eyes continued to stare at the direction Jack was still paying close attention to.

The question finally made Jack turn to Blue and said, "I have to go now. You wait here."

Unfortunately, it wasn't easy for Jack to leave because the young girl immediately held his wrist.

"Answer my question first," the girl insisted.

Jack removed Blue's grip from his wrist and answered, "Someone very important just arrived. I have to see him now."

Jack started walking away, but before he completely left, he suddenly paused and said, "Don't forget to finish your dinner. I will add salt to my cooking tomorrow." After that, he quickly took wide steps to leave the hut.

Blue could only stare at the man's departure with a questionable look.

On the other hand, Jack quickly stepped away from Blue's hut. The dark and dense night did not prevent him from moving swiftly through the thick trees. His sharp eyes naturally penetrated the darkness as if they were a flashlight.

It turned out that Jack aimed for the leader's hut. It could be seen from his steps that slowed down when he was near the hut, and it stopped completely once he was inside the small hut.

Inside the small hut, three men were standing while facing each other. One of them was the leader of the werewolves, and the other two were the guests who had just arrived at the island. Both Jack and Mike were familiar with the two guests.

One of their guests was an old man. Judging from his appearance, the old man seemed to be older than Mike. It could be seen from his face, which was very wrinkled, and his body, which looked fragile. His hair was completely grey, his body was slightly bent, his sunken eyes were framed by a pair of glasses, and his hand holding a wooden stick to help him walking. Perhaps, his age was close to 80.

A younger man was standing next to the old man, perhaps around 45-50 years old. He was not as tall as Jack, but still tall enough for a man. He had brown hair and fair skin, and there was a brownish cloud-shaped birthmark on his left temple. The man was accompanying the old man like a bodyguard.

The three men immediately turned their heads towards Jack after they noticed Jack's arrival.

"Why are you here, Jack? What about Blue?" Mike asked in surprise.

"She is having dinner right now," Jack answered calmly.

Mike finally nodded and smiled slightly at Jack. "You must be so eager to meet our guest that you came here in a hurry, right?" He teased the younger man.

Jack ignored Mike's tease. He turned to the old man, who just arrived at the island, and bowed slightly to salute him. "I haven't seen you in a long time, Sir," he greeted the old man politely.

Seeing Jack's demeanor towards the guest, Mike gave a loud snort. "You always respect him and not me, right, Jack? Even though I always treat you as my own son, but you only think of him as your father," he said sarcastically as he glimpsed at the old man who only smiled a little.

The old man chose to ignore Mike's words and reached out his hand to touch Jack's broad shoulder. "How have you been, Jack? It's been a year since the last time I saw you," he spoke in a calm tone.

Jack smiled respectfully and answered, "I have been busy with missions, Sir. That's why I didn't have time to visit you. I'm happy that I finally can see you."

Again, Mike could only grunt at how close the relationship between Jack and the old man. They looked like a father and son.

Jack was an orphan, and for a long time, he had admired that man. The old man was the same. He was very fond of Jack and considered Jack as his own son.

Mike could not understand why the two of them could be like that. Actually, he was a little jealous because his relationship with his son was not as good as them.

Shaking off his jealousy, the leader looked back at his guest earnestly and said, "I don't have a decent seat here, so I can't invite you to sit down."

The old man looked back at Mike and said, "No worries. I'm just here for a moment. I want to see the kid immediately."

Mike nodded. Of course, he knew who the old man meant. "Her name is Blue. She had a slightly cold attitude towards strangers, and she was very wary of me. She didn't even immediately accept my offer to join us, so I gave her a week to think," he then explained.

The interlocutor nodded in understanding. "Her opinion is not important. She has to join us even if she didn't want to."

"What if Blue refused until the end?" This time, it was Jack who asked.

Both Mike and the old man were a little astounded to hear Jack's question. Usually, Jack preferred to be a listener whenever they talked. The young werewolf would only speak when he was spoken to. This evening was apparently unusual for the youngster.

"She still has to join us no matter what," the old guest answered in stern tone.

"She has to join us no matter what?" Jack parroted. "Are we going to force her by hurting her?"

Jack continued to ask, and it seemed that it made the werewolf leader a little uncomfortable. "Hey, Jack. What's wrong with you tonight? Why are you so meddlesome?" Asked the old man. "Whether we hurt her or not, she will still join us. All we need is Blue's power, and we can force her to get the power."

Jack was stunned. It seemed that the young werewolf didn't know what the two old men in front of him were planning to do. He didn't even know how they would get Blue's power if Blue herself wasn't willing to give it.

"Speaking of Blue's power." The mysterious old man intercepted the conversation between Mike and Jack. "Has her power awaken? She will turn 17 in a month, and the power should start awaking by now."

"My son said that the power had appeared before, but Blue couldn't control it. It looks like the power is very powerful just like your predictions," Mike replied.

The mysterious old man nodded his head at Mike's answer. "You were talking about your son? Where is he now? Is he not here?" Asked the old man.

Mike sighed when he heard the question. "You should have known my son's character. He is still the same, and of course, he is not here at the moment," he then answered weakly.

"Kris is a good boy. I remember he was always obedient and not delinquent since he was a kid. He came to my house almost every day at that time," the old man responded. A small smile appeared on his lips as if he was feeling nostalgic.

"Can we not talk about that? He played at your house a lot in the past, and he grew up as a bad boy who didn't want to obey me," Mike responded to the old man with a little irritation.

Mike just criticized him, but the old man was still laughing.

Amid the booming laughter of the old man, Mike's expression suddenly turned grave. He then looked at Jack and asked, "Didn't you say that Blue was having dinner? Then, how can that kid spy on us now?"

Jack was a little puzzled, but then he put on a serious face to feel his surroundings. He finally understood what the leader meant.

"Bring her here," the leader ordered, and Jack had no other option but to carry out the order.

The tattooed man walked out of Mike's hut. He strode toward a large tree not far from Mike's hut, and there he found Blue hiding. The girl immediately widened her blue eyes after seeing Jack, who easily found her hiding place.

"What are you doing here, you fool? Do you want to die?" Jack asked in a faint whisper.

Blue didn't answer the question and just gazed at Jack with a frightened expression. Jack could only sigh, then immediately grabbed the young girl's wrist, leading her to the hut where Mike lived. The action inevitably made Blue show even more fear on her face.

The three men in the hut instantly looked at Blue, who had just been forcefully brought in by Jack. The girl was slightly thrown by Jack so that she fell into a sitting position on the floor.

Seeing the action, the mysterious old man slightly scolded the youngster, "Don't be too harsh on her, Jack."

Being reprimanded like that, Jack could only lower his head without giving a response.

After not getting a response from Jack, the mysterious old man then turned back to Blue. His frail legs walked over to the girl with the help of his wand, and he lowered his head to get closer to the girl's face. His right hand reached out to grab Blue's chin, lifting it up so that the girl looked directly at him.

Slightly smiling mysteriously, the old man then said, "I finally found you, Blue."

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