Kevin had surrendered. He was ready even though he had to die as a virgin and had never even been in a relationship. He had never even kissed in his life, but now it seemed like the Angel of Death was waving their hand to him, beckoning him to follow them and forget about the first kiss.

No one would cry grievously when he died, and no one would be missing him after he died. Perhaps only the head of the orphanage and also Blue would cry after he had eaten by the werewolf. Oh, perhaps his foster parents would also cry, they always loved him dearly, after all.

Beside them, who else would cry for his death? No one, right? Or... was there someone else?

And, when Kevin started to close his eyes, preparing himself mentally to face the Angel of Death, he heard a loud kick, then the hand that had been gripping his neck was released automatically.

His eyes then opened again as a result of the incident, and he found the mysterious creature that had choked him before now lying on the cold asphalt. The creature grimaced in pain while holding his head. It looked like the head was the one that received the hard kick. Eh? Wait, who just kicked the creature?

Kevin slowly turned his head to the side, and that was when he saw him. "Kris?" He asked after his eyes caught the figure of Kris standing beside him with a gasping breath.

The tall, tan-skinned figure turned to Kevin and asked, "Are you okay?"

Kevin nodded his head weakly but did not answer the tall man's question. Kris's eyes shifted from Kevin's face to the young scientist's slender neck, and he found a now bleeding scratch mark on the previously smooth neck. Kris's anger rose again after seeing that.

Without warning, Kris's strode angrily to the figure who was still sitting on the cold asphalt, then roughly grabbed the figure's collar, forcibly lifted the figure's body so that it standing in front of him closely.

"What did you just do?" Kris asked in a whispered voice that only the figure in his grip could hear.

Despite being treated with intimidation from Kris, the male figure's guts did not shrink in the slightest, he even grinned widely. "I just wanted to play with him. Haven't you been playing with him all this time too?" He casually asked Kris back.

Kris's hand gripped the figure's collar even more tightly. "You also ate a human last night, didn't you?" He asked again, still in a whisper.

"Yes," the figure replied confidently. "What's wrong with that? It's our nature to eat humans, isn't it?"

Kris tightened his grip again. "Get out of here, or I'll kill you right now, Jack," he warned the figure angrily.

The figure, Jack, was still calm and still grinning as he replied, "I'm leaving now, but it's not because I'm scared of you, Kris. I'll finish you another time, not now."

After saying that, Jack pushed Kris hard until his grip was released. The tattooed man then returned to his wolf form and ran away from the place with the speed of light.

After Jack was gone, Kris closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He tried so hard to control his temper that flared because of the cunning black wolf.

"Kris, are you okay?"

Kevin's voice from behind made Kris slowly turn around. Finding Kevin currently looking at him anxiously, he finally smiled a little and nodded. The fire in his chest went out instantly.

He then walked over to Kevin and said, "Let's just leave your car here for now, and I'll take you home."

Kevin frowned as he looked up at the taller man. It seemed like he noticed the difference in Kris, but he didn't question it and just nodded obediently.

The two men then walked over to Kris's red car not far from Kevin's broken car. The front passenger door of the red car suddenly opened from the inside, and Kevin was surprised to see Blue got out of the car.

The girl said nothing and just got into the back passenger seat. It looked like the young girl just wanted to change seats.

Kris noticed Kevin's confusion when the latter saw Blue, and he explained, "I just picked up Blue from the café where she worked part-time and happened to come this way. That was when I saw you."

Instead of feeling satisfied with Kris' explanation, Kevin stared at Kris blankly and asked, "Is that all you want to explain to me?"

Kris knew exactly the essence of Kevin's question, but he could sigh and replied, "Let's go home first, and I'll explain to you later."

Without waiting for Kevin's response, Kris immediately got into his car. He positioned himself behind the steering wheel and got ready to drive the luxury vehicle.

Kevin seemed to understand Kris's good intention. He immediately got into the car and sat on the passenger seat right next to Kris. That was when he glanced at Blue in the back seat through the rearview mirror.

The atmosphere was still awkward because of their fight last night. Since then, they hadn't spoken to each other at all. This time, Kevin didn't seem like he wanted to start a conversation with the blue-eyed girl. It looked like he was still shocked by the unexpected accident.

The owner of the car started the engine, and he began to drive across the deserted road. Nobody was talking in the car, each individual looked busy in their own thoughts.

It only took ten minutes before Kris turned off the car engine again when they arrived at Kevin's residence. The three people immediately got out of the car and silently walk toward the scientist's house.

The cold war remained the same when they were inside the big house. The house was Kevin's foster parents' house, but they left it for Kevin. The said man immediately sat on the black sofa in the living room, and Blue also awkwardly sat on a sofa opposite Kevin.

Kris didn't copy the action as he continued walking past the living room. The 27-year-old man went straight to the kitchen, opened a cabinet, then pulled out a first aid kit from inside.

He now looked like the owner of the house, while the other two people looked like guests. That was not strange because Kris had lived at that house for a quite long time before Blue forced him to move out.

After getting the thing he needed, Kris went back to the living room again. Unexpectedly, the young man handed the first aid kit to Blue, who was now staring at him in shock.

"Treat your big brother's wounds first, and I'll make some drinks for us," said the tall young man.

Blue actually wanted to refuse, but Kris put the first aid kit on her lap and immediately walked to the kitchen without giving her time to resist.

The young girl awkwardly looked down at the white box, then turned to Kevin, who was also staring at her. Okay, Blue lost now. The girl then walked over to Kevin, then sat right next to the handsome scientist.

Blue slowly took a cotton swab, then poured the alcohol on the cotton. "Maybe it will hurt a little. Hold on for a moment, okay?" She said as she began to bring the cotton swab close to Kevin's wounded neck, then fluffed the alcoholic cotton around Kevin's wound.

The owner of the neck hissed softly when he felt the pain in his neck.

Kris had returned to the living room with three cups of hot tea which he prepared for the three of them. He silently sat on a sofa opposite Kevin and Blue, then started enjoying his tea. He secretly watched Blue, who was seriously cleaning and bandaging Kevin's wounded neck with a bandage.

Minutes passed, and finally, the wound on Kevin's neck was wrapped perfectly. It looked like Blue had a talent in the field of health. The girl did a good job tonight.

The living room was still quiet because none of them made a sound. The silence only broke after Kevin turned his gaze to Kris and asked, "Can you explain everything to me now?"

Kris stared back at the man briefly, and then looked away. Even though he tried to act normal when dealing with Jack earlier, but it looked like Kevin could sense the odd thing between the two of them.

The look of perplexity was clearly visible on Kris's face. The man even randomly played with his long fingers on his lap. It was obvious that the tall man was nervous now. Kevin and Blue realized that, but they both patiently wait for Kris to open his mouth.

Not only Kevin who was curious, but Blue also felt the same way. She was also at the crime scene, so she saw how Kris was dealing with the werewolf.

After serious consideration, Kris finally looked back at Kevin and asked, "If I were a werewolf, would you hate me, Kevin?"

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