Early in the morning, Kris drove his speedboat back to the mainland. Kevin wanted to go home quickly so he could take a shower. He said that his body felt sticky because he didn't shower yesterday.

Last night, Kevin immediately fell asleep and did not wake up until morning. Kris had to carry his tall body into the hut because he was afraid Kevin would catch a cold. Luckily, there was a bed that they could use to sleep. Yes, they slept together last night. Just sleeping, though.

Currently, Kris was driving, and Kevin was sitting beside him.

"Don't go speeding. I don't want seasickness anymore," the scientist warned the man beside him.

He was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. The only difference was a pair of sunglasses sitting on the bridge of his nose. Yes, that was Kris's.

"Whether I'm speeding or not, you would probably still experiencing seasickness. It caused by repeated motion from a vehicle, after all," Kris replied casually.


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