390 Zane Did Not Try Hard Enough

Zane was carefully inspecting the precious little ornament that Brett stepped on when the latter called out his name.


"What?" the vampire snapped in an unfriendly manner. Never before had he encountered a house guest this rude and inconsiderate.

A moment later, Zane was stunned to find Brett on one knee before him. He held a dark blue, small velvety box in front of him. The box opened up with a click, revealing a diamond ring inside.

The little ornament fell from Zane's hand, breaking into two right away.

Zane's mouth fell open in amazement.

"I had wanted to propose to you a long time ago," Brett told Zane. "You promised to marry me after Organization X was destroyed. Will you marry me?"


Like Zane said many times before, a mating bond held no significance for vampires. Not so with marriages. Vampires took marriages seriously.

But wait. That was not even the most important thing here.


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