304 Speaking About The Past (2)

"Following my transformation, I was locked up at my grandfather's mansion for three whole months. I was fed with fresh blood to keep me alive while I adapted to my new body functions, but I was not allowed to wander about freely."

Aiden combed through Ryan's hair in silence.

"It would have been a disaster if I met with any human being on the way. Newborn vampires were thirsty all the time. Did you also experience that?" Ryan tilted his head up to look into Aiden's eyes.

Aiden nodded with a little smile.

His thirst was slightly different, though.

Newborn vampires were supposed to drink from their creator's blood for the first feeding session.

Thanks to his unconventional transformation, Aiden did not reserve the privilege. For five whole years, his thirst went unquenched. That was why he pounced on Ryan on the night of their reunion, to get the blood that he craved since birth.


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