285 Recruiting The Rabid Vampires

They didn't. But now that they did, horrid images started to flood their minds. So did pieces of news that they heard on the television and read in newspapers.

The Matthews had conveniently chosen to close both eyes to those horrendous facts.

Were the Caldwells not notorious for their ruthlessness toward their enemies?

When Ryan pulled at Alain's little finger for fun, he almost caused the man in question to faint from excessive fright.

"I usually start as small as a segment of your finger."

The fact that Ryan spoke about mutilating Alain the same way he spoke about the pleasant spring weather gave both mother and son goosebumps all over their bodies.

"Bit by bit, I will take away parts of your body and heal you up perfectly every time. I will do that every day until you are willing to talk."

Ryan's ruthlessness was boundless. It was clear that he did not hesitate from hurting people at all.

"I will talk!!!" Alain cried out right away.


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