309 Letting Zane Run Amok

Zane Caldwell was not in a good mood.

In fact, he had not been in a good mood for a while now.

Atypical for vampires, his family members started to disturb his peace one by one. It became so bad that Zane eventually ran away from home. His decision to spend the night in the same villa he frequently used to hang out with Brett proved to be a mistake.

The problem was that he had nowhere else to go.

So, Zane curled up on the bed, hid under a thick duvet, and cried himself to sleep.

His sleep was restless and plagued with nightmares. Most of them featured Brett, screaming for Zane to save his life.

He hated his helplessness in the dream. It reflected his actual helplessness outside of the dream.

He hated himself so much.


The duvet was pulled away with one tug, revealing the curled-up Zane underneath.

Zane opened his eyes slightly to see someone by his bedside. Ryan.


Zane rolled on his stomach and refused to look at the uninvited guest in his bedroom.


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