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The Bloodscorned


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Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, The Dreamworld, The Ultimate Void, and even Outer Gods. This is a novel of Lovecraftian horror coming to life, tampering with humanity, forcing mankind to band together and fight back. __________________________________ “Mankind, we believe that we’re the only superior race in the vast cosmos of the world. We think that we are the only ones with freewill and choice… however that was simply our arrogance speaking. We were foolish and ignorant creatures who only assumes that there is nothing beyond our planet called, earth. But… that is a lie. There are watchers in the shadows, they lurk behind the fabric of reality and look down upon us like we’re insects, and now they decided to merely tamper with us. Yes, that’s right. These entities tampered with humanity, and now we’re forced to suffer from the disease they created. There’s not one single soul on earth that hasn’t caught the disease known as Dreadbane… the most wicked and incurable disease that mankind has ever come across, and it is done by no one other than these… creatures. The disease forces one’s soul and consciousness to separate from their physical body whenever they fall asleep. It is said that one’s soul is sent into a world of ideals, and this world is known as the dreamworld. Everyone, and everything here is nightmarish, there’s no hope, there’s no salvation, there’s no god but only the entities that brought us here. Sleep is an enemy, but without it… we cannot function and craft, we cannot learn and focus, and we cannot strive as a race. In this dreamworld, we’re known as the Bloodscorned; hunters that banded together in order to fight back against the cosmic horrors who watches us in the shadows, however our fight won’t be easy, and our feelings of prevail is a possible illusion that these creatures wants us to feel. I am unsure if we have a chance at winning. Perhaps this just may be the end of humanity, and we’re wasting our times fighting back in this gothic, nightmarish realm of horror. We humans are merely toiling all day among shadow and turmoil, our fight may be in vain but we still try, however many have given up… many have been driven to madness and relied on a quick death, by taking their lives… however death here doesn’t exist. Merely taking your life won’t save you. Energy never dies, and energy is our soul. No matter if we kill ourselves, no matter if we prayed to the god in the sky, no matter if we banded together and strived as people, we are bound here to suffer. Our greatest horrors are in the dreamworld. Everyone’s horrors are walking around with their grotesque appearances. God help us all… please god… help us all. We can’t do this without aid… is our actions of rebellion even working? I have no clue what to do… I’m… losing my mind here. If you’re reading this, please… turn back, there’s no hope here, there’s no religion here… only despair and pain. Escape while you can, and don’t fall asleep.” ~ Sherlock Holmes _________________________________ If you love Lovecraftian Horror, Cosmic Horror, Bloodborne and other gothic horror, this is a novel for you to read. Warning: Novel may contain some harsh words and racism, as it takes place in the 1800’s.