1193 Things Go Haywire

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter 


He could finally spot the Viondur egg above, firmly seated on the tip of the  massive shard.

19 seconds~

Despite the immense size of the massive shard reflecting a blinding glow across the territory, its tip was as thin as a needle.

It was quite surprising that a three feet large egg sat upon such a thin surface looking incredibly balanced.

At this height, only around a hundred Ziaphanos could be seen circulating the shard. These ones also moved unrestrained so Gustav could tell they were the most powerful in the whole territory.

From what he sensed, taking a single one of them in a battle would be cumbersome. Not to talk more of when there were more than a hundred. Gustav wasn't breathing at this point as he made sure to move discreetly as possible.

He covered the rest of the height in about a second and calculated that he had around 18 seconds left.


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