1189 There Is Something Down There

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Thanks for keeping it busy... the distraction was all I needed for my attack to be successful," After saying this...


Gustav's figure turned into a streak of lightning and he disappeared from sight instantly. 

-"Hey ho..."

-"He's gone,"

Everything happened so fast, Gustav was already long gone before the other participants could try to stop him.

"You can't have that, its only fair you give it to me since I contributed a great deal to this battle," One of the participants voiced while pointing at the cloaked figure.

"No, I am the one who deserves it. I did more," Another participant stated.

"You fools didn't even come close to me,"

They soon began arguing on who should take the egg.

"You'll have to get it from me first," The cloaked figure voiced with a raspy tone before flying off.


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