The Bloodline System

In a future timeline, the earth was visited by a species known as the Slarkovs. Having lost their home planet and in search of a new one, the Earth was the next habitable planet for them. Humans and Slarkovs made a deal with each other in return for the Slarkovs living on Earth. The Slarkovs traded their technology and knowledge for a new home. They were similar to humans except for some of them who had slight differences, so fitting into society wasn't a problem. Over the years, Slarkovs and humans began to mate with one another and reproduce offspring. This, in turn, created new species known as the mixedblood. Centuries later, mixedbloods could tap into their bloodline and perform unimaginable feats. Gustav was born into an age where bloodline determines everything and struggles to fit in with a useless bloodline. His bloodline only grants him the ability to change his hair colour, destroying his hopes and dreams for a great future. His fate is turned around when an unexpected situation leads to him finding a system that grants him the power to unlock and upgrade bloodlines by completing quests, but he's baffled by two quests with a five-year deadline. Success will grant him unimaginable rewards... But only one thing awaits him if he fails... Death! Follow Gustav on his interesting journey filled with unprecedented adventures, danger, and death, maybe? PS: The MC's character growth happens more than once in this story. Join my discord server » https://discord.gg/kSde8pwr

TimVic · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1564 Chs

Teaching Manners With Pain

"Hmm... Are you truly sorry or you just want the pain to stop?" Officer Mag asked as she closed her book.

"I- I'm soorryyy... I apolooogize," Endric pleaded.

"Hmm I will let you off the hook for now," Officer Mag said before standing to her feet as she deactivated the gravitational force pressing down on Endric.

Endric moaned in relief after this action, and Officer Mag proceeded to give him a recovery pill.

He slowly healed up, and when he was strong enough, he picked himself up with a look of embarrassment.

"You wicked bitch, how could you do that to me," He voiced out towards officer Mag again.

"I'm leaving," He voiced out and turned to the side to start heading towards the entrance.

However, just after taking a few steps forward, he felt immense pressure from above.

This time he seemed to be ready as he quickly raised his hands and created a telekinetic wall above himself with his will.