1161 Race Winners

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Gustav raised the tree with everyone at this instant and quickly swerved fifty feet towards the left.


At the same instant he left his initial position, a massive figure landed there.


Cracks spread across the icy path, causing Gustav to look down.

'Damn it... this is the worst place for a fight,' Gustav thought as he looked up ahead at the group that had just arrived.

"Mixedbloods... Hmph!" The rocky captain voiced out as he held the massive tree like a stick with his subordinates latching onto it.

"Get them disqualified captain," 

One of his teammates yelled from the top of the tree.

"Okay hold on tight," 

They of course were speaking in a different language but the language transmitting device interpreted it to Gustav and the others.

"Looks like they bear a grudge," Teemee voiced.


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