56 New Job

"I'm here to see your father, is he in?" Gustav said.

"Um, my father? Yes, he's in," Angy said and walked into the apartment.

"Come in Gustav," A masculine voice sounded from within the apartment.

Gustav followed Angy in after hearing that.

Angy's father was seated on the blue sofa located on Gustav's right side.

Gustav walked towards the one opposite his and sat.

This was the first time Gustav was seeing Angy's father during the day. He had only seen him during night times since he always came late from work and Gustav hardly came out of his apartment.

On closer look, Gustav noticed that Angy's father's skin was whitish than normal and lines were extending from the horn in the middle of his head towards his nose and down to his lips.

'I guess he's one of those pureblood Slarkovs with more physical differences to that of humans,' Gustav noted this.

"Yes, Gustav to what do I owe this visit," Angy's father said with a solemn face.


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