285 Making Contact With The Green Rock

E.E was confused at this point, wondering how Gustav was already a special class but still participated in the test. The rest understood since they witnessed it themselves.

"Which is why we have prepared a special reward for you," Great commander Shion added.

"Oh?" Gustav voiced out with an intrigued look.

"Gustav Crimson... you have been granted the rank of a Caiser, and your training years in the MBO camp have been shortened to two years. You will join one of the cadet squads as vice-captain and go on low-ranked missions from time to time after your first six months of training.

You are also entitled to the privileges of a special class and more," Great commander Shion listed out.

When he was done, everyone except Miss Aimee and Gustav himself had their eyes and mouth slightly open in surprise.

Although they were surprised, they felt this was an appropriate reward for Gustav since he was the one who actually battled the Vindruella.


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