1188 Level Five Frost Raikin

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Gustav reappeared before a flaming frosted tree in the next instant. Up ahead he could spot another familiar looking cave.

This was one he already looted so he didn't bother going in. Instead he turned to another direction before heading forward. 

"Since these flaming trees that don't get consumed signify checkpoints for areas with caves possessing the same colors of eggs, there's no point in checking the other caves," Gustav was well aware that he would find the same eggs colors he got from this cave earlier which was still in his possession. 

He needed other colors so he had to leave this area.


Gustav leapt into the air and dissappeared from sight in the next instant.


"That is exactly why I have come here. The leaders of the alliance need to be warned," Within the seating area of earth's spectators Miss Aimee voiced out.


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