1194 Gustav Vs The Ziaphanos

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Shit!" Gustav had suspected that they would be extremely fast the moment they left the intense gravitational force area.

However, he hadn't expected that they would be anything remotely close to this speed.

("They followed you,") The system voiced.

'Thanks captain obvious... you don't think I know that?' Gustav nearly yelled this out loud.

("No I mean they...") The system was about to add something else when Gustav activated another lightning streak.


("There's no point, look behind you,")

"I know," Gustav voiced as he turned around to see black streaks appear before him once more after scaling close to a million feet in one second.

("They are...") The system was about to add something once more when the Ziaphanos reached for Gustav.

"Die Vermin!" One of them yelled.

Zwewhiiiii! Wwwhiii!


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