445 Ending With Brutality

"Guess who's gonna be my dog for the upcoming months," He voiced out with a look of pride and delight before aiming for Gustav's left leg.

Swwooonn! Bang!

Gustav's left leg gave way as the blood club slammed into it, causing him to fall to his knees.

'Hmm, it was quite clever of him to trap me this way,' Gustav said Internally as he plotted a way out of the predicament.

He didn't want to make use of Sonic waves again because it took up a lot of energy.

The creature raised its hands again and flung them towards Gustav's back while Chad once again attacked from behind.

Gustav raised his head up and opened his mouth widely before gnashing his teeth against the hands that were descending upon his head.

His teeth fiercely bit into the hands of the blood creature, disrupting its attack while Gustav quickly stood to his feet and spun around with his leg swinging out.



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