20 Dealing With The Juniors

Mist was erupting from the ball and his hands as the fire went out.

He stared at the students approaching with a cold look.

The students playing in the pitch were heading towards him.

There were about seven of them headed in his direction. Four of them wore a yellow sporting vest with white shorts while the other three wore green sporting vests with blue shorts. They all had bulky builds that made them look like bodybuilders.

"Hey, are you alri..." One of them wanted to ask when he recognized the face of the person who caught the ball.

"It's you," The student who was currently in a yellow sporting vest with long blue hair pointed at Gustav.

"Return our ball," He said with a threatening tone.

Gustav held the ball in front of him with one of his eyebrows raised, "Is that how to apologize?"

Gustav recognized these students to be from class 2. Which meant they were his juniors.

They were his juniors yet he looked like the junior among them due to his size.

Normally students of class 3 will not be seen playing since everyone was busy trying to channel their bloodline through the fourth point.

"Apologise?" The male student stared at Gustav with a look of bafflement.


The seven students suddenly started laughing hard after hearing what Gustav said.

"This trash has the guts to tell us to apologize! Trash like you who only know how to use enhancements drugs don't deserve an apology!" One of them voiced from the side.

"Alright since there's no apology I guess your game is over!"

Immediately Gustav uttered those words his hands on the ball clenched tightly.


A loud bursting sound reverberated across the place.

Gustav's fingers had pierced through the ball causing it to burst.


'How did he do that? even with my strength right now I can't destroy the ball unless I attack it with my full power!' The male speaking earlier had a look of disbelief as he stared at the ball that had been completely flattened.

This ball was a special type that was specially made to be stronger than normal. Its elasticity made sure they didn't sustain injury when they kicked it yet it was powerful enough to withstand their kicks when they made use of their bloodline abilities.

When mixed-bloods played football they made use of their abilities in the game which was why the ball was coated in flames the other time. One of them used his bloodline ability to fire a shot.

'He must have made use of those drugs again,' Most of them came to this conclusion after thinking about it.

The student wanted to speak again when he saw something headed towards his face.

Gustav threw Whatever was left of the ball at the face of the student who just spoke.


It was only a casual throw, yet it packed enough force to push him back.


The student exclaimed in pain after the unexpected hit. He held his nose which had a drop of blood running down it.

"You bastard!" He spoke while holding his nose.

"Oops, my bad... I was just trying to return what belonged to you," Gustav said as he moved slightly to the left and started walking forward.

Gustav passed by their side as he kept walking on the path.

The remaining six did not try to stop him.

"You bastard where do you think you're going?" The student with the bleeding nose quickly dashed towards Gustav from behind.

He swung out his fist from the back.

Gustav continued walking forward like he didn't even know that a fist was headed for him from behind.

Just when the fist was some centimeters away from touching the back of his head Gustav suddenly shifted his head towards the left.


The fist passed by the right side of Gustav's face from behind missing him by a hairbreadth.

The student didn't relent and continued sending out fists even after he failed to land the first.

Swhhii! Swerve! Swhhii! Swerve! Swhii!

Gustav dodged every attack with ease and fluidness.

The junior student threw out an enlarged fist as he moved forward. This time it was obvious that it was much powerful than before.

Gustav who had been dodging without even turning to face the student all this time suddenly swerved to the left and stuck out his right foot.


Due to his body moving forward with sudden acceleration from the heavy fist he threw out, he couldn't stop himself in time even after seeing the foot stuck out in front of him.


Immediately his left foot collided with Gustav's right foot, he was sent tumbling forward.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He rolled repeatedly across the road before coming to a stop.

"Oops, my legs slipped, you probably should watch where you're going next time," Gustav said as he continued walking forward.

The student gritted his teeth with anger while still laying on the road and turned around to look at the rest of his mates.

"You all are just gonna stand there and watch?" He shouted out with a rage-filled voice.

The seven of them flinched.

"He's gonna use more of those drugs and I don't want to end up like Hung Jo!" One of them voiced out the thoughts of the others.

"You bunch of cowards he can't do a thing to us right now! If he fights he will be expelled!" The student on the ground revealed.

'Oh, so that's how it is?'

Now that they understood, they started walking forward.

They felt that even if Gustav was to make use of the drugs for enhancement, he couldn't dodge every one of them at the same time.

Gustav turned to stare at the six running towards him while channeling their bloodlines.

One of them had dark looking spike extending from his eye, which he dragged out and held like a weapon before running towards Gustav.

Another conjured flames around his fist and legs as he ran towards Gustav. One made small metallic balls appear out of thin air. He placed it in his palm and used his middle finger to start flicking them out one after the other.

The speed of the small balls were like bullets from a gun as they shot towards Gustav


Gustav moved to the left immediately dodging the first projectile.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

Gustav dodged the projectiles cleanly once again. The others had already arrived before him with their attacks when he finished dodging them.

"Hyyahh!" "Hyyaahh!"

They all shouted out as they attacked Gustav at the same time.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

It was as if Gustav had eyes at the back of his head as he dodged every single attack from every angle.

The flames, fist, e.t.c every single attack was unable to touch him.

Just like they said, Gustav couldn't attack them for now due to the punishment since he didn't want to get expelled but he had already thought of ways to deal with them without having to make contact.

What Gustav was currently making use of was his high perception stats and speed coupled with agility so he was able to accelerate and decelerate at any given time with ease.

His perception allowed him to sense everything within a radius of twenty meters. This was why their attacks couldn't hit him even from his blind spots.

Gustav dodged in a zigzag-like manner almost like he was dancing.

"This bastard just stay in one place!" One of the students voiced out idiotically with a look of frustration.

After dodging for a few more seconds, Gustav suddenly accelerated backwards.


His sudden movement and speed was something they had not expected since he had been moving at a particular speed from the start.


The student who had his fist coated with fire already threw out a punch and it was headed towards the face of one of his classmates but by the time he noticed it, he couldn't stop himself.

The one holding a dark long spike was currently swinging it towards the neck of the student who had his fist coated in fire while a small metallic ball was headed towards his left eye.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

It was too late to retract their attacks so they ended up hitting one another.

"Kiiarrh!" "Kiiaarrhh!" "Kiiarrh!"

Cries of pain rang out as four of them fell to the ground while holding on to different parts of their body.

The remaining three along with the first one to attack paused their steps and stared at Gustav.

Remembering the speed he displayed at the last second made them feel reluctant about resuming their attacks.

'We can't even touch him!'

'Just what grade of enhancement drug did he make use of!'

These thoughts ran rampant in their minds.

"As your senior, I think I have taught you seven a valuable lesson today... come near me and receive boundless humiliation!" Gustav stated with a cool voice as he turned around to keep walking again.

They wondered what Gustav meant by humiliation when they looked around and noticed that they were surrounded by students who had come to watch what was happening. They were focused on dealing with Gustav so much that they didn't notice that they were already being surrounded by students.

They immediately felt true humiliation. A type that seeped deep into their bones as they saw the disappointed stares of the students surrounding them.

-"They couldn't even deal with one trash!"

-"They're all bunch of useless!"

-"They ended up beating up each other without him touching them!"

The voices of the student's ridicules were loud making them feel like sinking into the ground.

Now they had a slight sense of how it felt when Gustav was being ridiculed and humiliated day in and day out.

"I shall deal with him myself!"

A loud voice was heard coming from the left.

Everyone turned to the side to stare at the person who had just arrived.

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