1156 Arriving At Planet Ozious

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Is everyone okay?" Endric felt a bit silly as he noticed their weird stares.

E.E chuckled a bit after seeing Endric's concerned expression. 

'The kid's personality truly underwent a one-eighty,' 

"It's just Miss Aimee, no worries," Gustav stated from the side.

Endric realised he must have missed something at this point.

'There was a little situation while we were busy,' Husarius voiced in his head.

'A little situation?' Endric still has a slighly confused expression as he moved to a corner to sit.

"Hubby! Hubby! I'll fill you in," Sheila voiced while hopping towards Endric heartily.

Gustav remained seated in place with an unbothered expression after she left his side.

'She acts like a kid but within... she hides her true personality,' Gustav took note.


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