22 Chapter 022 | Pakura's Scorch Release.

On Mount Kikyo, Manoshi was confused when he heard Hideyoshi Hyuga say that there had already been smoke rising in the distance.

'Not as a decoy? They want to attack the rear ...'

'Wouldn't that make me look like I'm letting my men set traps...?'

Manoshi felt he had thought too much and gathered a group of shinobis, "The frontal battlefield has sent the signal. It's time to play our part. "

"For Konoha. Charge!"

Led by Manoshi, a hundred shinobis traversed the desolate mountains, stirring up a flurry of birds.

A fireball flew out of nowhere and exploded in the crowd.

"An enemy!"

Hideyoshi Hyuga opened his Byakugan, his vision spreading rapidly around.

Found them!

Locked into the chakra's response, he hastily shouted, "The enemy is on the south side. Everyone, be careful. "

The shinobis getting the information showed their professionalism. The shinobis, who specialize in Earth Release and Water Release stepped up to the front row, protecting the wounded and medical shinobis behind them.

"Hang in there! It's going to be okay. "

Rin Nohara used basic medical jutsu to treat the burn wounds on the injured person.

This was all in a matter of seconds as several more fireballs flew out of the woods.

"Earth Release - Earth Wall!", "Water Release - Water Formation Wall!"

The defensive jutsu, unleashed by several shinobis, formed a wall of water and earth that created a barrier in front of the crowd.

"No, get out of the way!"

Hideyoshi, who was using his Byakugan, shouted.

But it was too late. Even Kakashi, who had the fastest reaction, only had time to pull away two people to his left and right.

The scorching intensity of the heat broke through the layers of obstacles; even Water Release couldn't do anything about it.

The fireball that melted the earth wall grazed the bodies of several shinobis as it shot into the ground.

"Ah --!"

Several shinobis suddenly fell to the ground, their grazed bodies dehydrated and shriveled like mummies.

"It's no ordinary Fire Release, don't get close to the enemy's fireball. "

Manoshi stood in front of everyone. The power of the divine dragon in his body surged wildly.

"So, my opponent is a child?" Pakura, leading dozens of Suna shinobis, stood at the top of the tree, towering over them. "Scorch Release is unstoppable for jutsu with a single attribute. "

"Watch out. It's a bloodline limit shinobi!"

The innate ability that follows the bloodline, namely the Kekkei Genkai.

Like Uchiha's Sharingan, once advanced to three tomoe can have strength comparable to a Jōnin, Hyuga's Byakugan, the strongest means of detection, and other blood inherited abilities.

Even if it's a fusion of two chakra nature transformations and could be developed after the bloodline limit evolution, it was difficult to counter for ordinary shinobis.

"Konoha's shinobis, I can refrain from killing you if you give up. "

"Don't talk nonsense. If they only have this many people, they can't stop us. "

Manoshi retaliated with his speech, but his hands didn't let up. He finished his seal within 2 seconds.

"Fire Release - Dragon Fire Technique!"

The fire dragon formed by the Fire Release chakra, which incorporated the power of the divine dragon, took on an almost incandescent color due to its high temperature and aimed directly at Suna's group standing in the trees.

Suna shinobis, who became the target of Manoshi's attack, scattered, and the fire dragon crashed through the trees with one bite.

The whirlwind danced in circles again and turned to Pakura, who landed on the ground.

Pakura formed three fireballs floating around at her side. Then, with a gentle push of her right hand, a fireball was shot forward to push Manoshi back.

In the face of this powerful jutsu which could instantly evaporate moisture from the human body, Manoshi also had to dodge.

Losing the chakra's supply, the fire dragon slammed into the ground and dissipated into sparks.

"You can dodge, but the companions behind you are out of luck. "

"Damn, the bloodline limit is too disgusting."

Sensing the heavy casualties among the shinobis behind him, Manoshi, the former bloodline limit possessor, gritted his teeth.

"Everyone spread out! As far away from me as possible!"

However, the Suna shinobis brought by Pakura were no fools and entangled Konoha's shinobis to death.

Although one couldn't defeat the many with the few, Suna Village's exclusive manipulation of sand jutsu and puppet technology was also very difficult to deal with.

Kakashi slashed at the Suna shinobi in front of him. The sharp chakra-enhanced sword cut into his body, but no blood came out. Instead, Kakashi's sword was stuck inside him.

Kakashi sensed something was wrong, so he drew his sword out.

The doll disguised as a Suna shinobi opened its "mouth," and the mechanism to launch a thousand needles protruded from it.

"Earth Release - Earth Style Wall!"

Obito gave timely support. All the thousands of needles were blocked by one move.

"Kakashi, you owe me. "


On the frontal battlefield, Orochimaru also confronted the siblings, Chiyo and Ebizō.

Because the poison used was destroyed by Tsunade, even Chiyo, who operated ten puppets, the Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets, could not prevail against Orochimaru's various jutsu.

"Chiyo, your time has passed. "

Orochimaru wrapped the python with his chakra around the approaching puppet and formed a seal with both hands -- Wind Release - Great Breakthrough!

The force of the strong wind that could blow everything away attacked Chiyo. If unprepared, it could also blow people up to tens of meters in the air and drop them to their deaths.

Chiyo gathered the remaining nine puppets in front of her in time to block them.

"Humph, Orochimaru, look behind you. "

Konoha shinobis who were in combat inadvertently glanced at the situation in the direction of Kikyo City. Surprised and unable to react, a Suna shinobi stabbed him in the heart with a kunai.

It turned out that Suna had sneaked into the vicinity of Kikyo City and used the sealing technique to unseal the one-tailed Shukaku.

It was a gigantic monster.

The earthy yellow body was covered with purple lines, and the enormous tail covered with sand scales could stir up the sand and dust with one swing.

The cloudy air that was casually exhaled turned into air bombs and caused a tremendous gap in the walls of Kikyo City.

Shukaku, who had finally seen the light of day after being sealed for an unknown number of years, looked up to the sky and laughed.

"Hahahaha, this lord is free!!!"

Shukaku, the monster that regained its freedom, vented its accumulated anger to everything around it. Even the Suna shinobi, who unsealed it, wasn't spared.

Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

There were remaining shinobis in the city and those afraid to challenge the monsters in front of them. Unfortunately, the Fire Release jutsu, which was fatal to ordinary people, wasn't qualified to tickle the massive Shukaku.

Minato Namikaze, who was in the middle of killing Suna's troops, naturally noticed the change in the city.

Casually slitting a Suna's throat with his kunai, he flashed through the Flying Thunder God kunai left on the battlefield and quickly moved towards Orochimaru's location.

"Want to get back to help? I won't let you walk away. "

Chiyo noticed Orochimaru was trying to pull away from her. So she once again manipulated the puppet to wrap itself around Orochimaru and shot all kinds of hidden weapons at him.

A yellow flash suddenly entered the scene, blocking between Orochimaru and the puppet. The kunai in his hand deflected all the hidden weapons.

"Orochimaru-sama, I'll stop her!"

Minato Namikaze turned his back to Orochimaru and spoke while throwing two special kunai at Chiyo.

"Just in time. "

Orochimaru didn't say much and directly bit his finger.

Summoning Technique!

A huge python appeared out of thin air on the battlefield -- Orochimaru's strongest colossal serpent, Manda.

"Manda, the goal is behind us. "

Orochimaru, standing on the head of the snake, saw that Manda focused its attention on the battlefield in front of him and warned him.

"Orochimaru, it takes more than one sacrifice to engage such a monster." Turning his head and seeing Shukaku, the snake's pupil shrunk, he immediately opened his mouth, "It takes 500 sacrifices!"

"No problem!"

At that, the python shook its head in satisfaction, and the snake slithered towards Kikyo City.

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