10 Chapter 010 | The match against Minato Namikaze resulted in a defeat for ...?


Obito Uchiha, who heard it, was dumbfounded.

"Senpai can't be serious, right? You're blind; who are you going to fight?"

Obito had been out on a mission some time ago. It wasn't a glorious thing for someone to be beaten by a blind teenager. Naturally, no one wanted to be at the tail end of the clan.

In Obito's mind, Manoshi was already a clan member he needed to protect.

"Hey, Kakashi, what do you think?"

Kakashi, who had just finished his training, was innocently dragged into it. But he had exhausted his chakra due to developing his new jutsu and really didn't have the strength to fight with Obito anymore.

Manoshi walked to the clearing, took off his cloak, which was difficult to move in, and tossed it aside; then took off the moon-white lining and tied it around his waist. After standing with a walking stick in his hands, he sent an invitation to Minato Namikaze.

"Please attack me, Senpai."

Minato Namikaze was much more relaxed. He was wearing a combat-friendly ninja uniform himself. He only needed to take out two characteristic kunai from his ninja bag and hold them in his hands.

"Are you sure you want me to attack first?"

Manoshi shook his head and raised a hand to point to his bandaged eyes, "If my eyes were still here, I might be good at attacking. Unfortunately, I am now unable to achieve the same level of perception in high-speed movement."

Hearing Manoshi reveal his shortcomings, all the shinobis present showed thoughtful expressions.

Gathering intelligence could be said to be a shinobi's instinct. Many tactics that were called "kill on sight" wouldn't work once the intelligence was leaked.

Like Manoshi, in just a few words, exposed a lot of intelligence: First, he couldn't carry out high-speed movements. Second, he was very confident in his defensive ability. Third, he had a powerful perception ability.

The two opposing men formed the Seal of Confrontation, and Minato Namikaze kindly reminded, "I'm coming. "

Minato Namikaze was very fast; his figure was also elusive.

He was good at close combat. He could gain meritorious deeds in the war without relying solely on the Flying Thunder God technique.

By the time Manoshi got feedback from the lagging air and sound, Minato had already rushed in front of him.

Less than a second wasn't enough time for most people to release even the simplest attack jutsu.

Manoshi held the stick in one hand. The power of the divine dragon was poured into it, and he lifted the stick to his front right-side as if it were a sword.

But Minato, who was moving at high speed, still had good reflexes. While withdrawing to his right side to get out of the way, he caught Manoshi's stiff hand and slashed at Manoshi's arm with a trident-shaped kunai.

"This hand... "

With one hit, Minato Namikaze quickly pulled away. To Obito and Rin, it looked as if the two had brushed past each other; only Kakashi was barely able to see the confrontation.

"The winner has been decided."

Kakashi was back to his dead-eyed look, already uninterested in the Uchiha genius who had once overpowered him.

"No, the real battle is just about to begin. " The eyes of the third-generation Hokage, who was holding his pipe, became sharp. "Manoshi's body surface was covered with something. "

"So, normal attacks couldn't break the defense?" Minato Namikaze glanced at the kunai that didn't have a single trace of blood, then swiftly turned to look at Manoshi.

"Ha ha ha, Minato-senpai was really fast and scary. However, using normal ninja attacks against me won't work. "

Manoshi smiled happily. Since he came back to Konoha Village from the battlefield, it was the first time he confronted a decent opponent and the first time he liberated the bound power of the divine dragon.

His long-lost complete "vision" returned to him.

If any ninja from the Hyuga clan were here, they would have noticed that the entire training ground was covered with a special red chakra. Even the air was filled with a hint of energy.

"This feeling, is it Nature Transformation?"

Although Minato Namikaze had no intuitive means of observing energy, he had been in contact with the practice of senjutsu in Mount Myōboku, and he could also vaguely sense something from the changes in the surrounding environment.

"But releasing natural energy outward from a person's body ..."

For some reason, Minato Namikaze thought of his girlfriend, Kushina Uzumaki.

"Then, I have to get serious!"

Minato Namikaze didn't have the idea of exploring his opponent's secrets and interrupted his thoughts with just a subconscious analysis. Then, once again, he used his super speed to approach Manoshi.

Only this time, he threw the kunai directly at Manoshi, more precisely behind Manoshi, and condensed a chakra ball in his hand -- it was none other than Minato's own Rasengan technique.

"Fire Release - Dragon Fire Technique! "

In order to prevent Minato Namikaze from approaching, Manoshi threw away his walking stick. The chakra in his body was highly compressed, forming a fire dragon spewing out from Manoshi's mouth.

This fire jutsu could control the fire dragon to attack the enemy accurately after its release. It was the most suitable jutsu to deal with the flexible Minato Namikaze among all the jutsu Manoshi had mastered.

The moment Minato Namikaze disappeared from Manoshi's perception, Manoshi knew that all his plans had failed.

"Space jutsu is too much!"

Manoshi complained, stopped the supply of chakra for the Dragon Fire Technique, and instantly formed a substitute jutsu.

With a fraction of a second to spare, Minato Namikaze suddenly appeared behind Manoshi and pressed the Rasengan in his hand against "Manoshi's" abdomen.


A cloud of smoke exploded in place, revealing the replacement log inside that had been smashed to pieces.

Manoshi's body wasn't far away and appeared in the sky behind Minato Namikaze.

His fist, wrapped in the power of the divine dragon, struck Minato Namikaze's back from above. But, as if Minato Namikaze had eyes behind his back, his excellent combat instincts made him instinctively bend forward and stomp on Manoshi's shoulder.

Manoshi hammered his fist on the ground. The whole training ground cracked with spiderweb-like patterns.

You could imagine what the effect would be like if he hit someone.

However, Manoshi wasn't thinking of frontal attacks. At this point, both of them had joy in their hearts.

"Left the Flying Thunder God mark!" / "He's marked by my Sky Breaking Thunder!"

Sky Breaking Thunder, developed by Manoshi following the skills of the blind monk, provided the accumulated power of the divine dragon to hit the ground. With the help of the shock wave, he made the dragon's chakra penetrate the enemy's body, forming a see-through effect similar to that of the Byakugan.

No mistake, Minato Namikaze has been seen through by Manoshi!

"The winner will be decided with this." / "Last blow, here we go!"

Manoshi was filled with the power of the divine dragon and rushed towards Minato Namikaze. Moving at full speed for the first time in the battle, his speed wasn't much slower than Minato's.

Unfortunately, the Flying Thunder God technique was superior; and Minato Namikaze, who had left his mark on Manoshi, could move to his side at any time.

Feeling the wind current from the Rasengan on his temple, Manoshi simply withdrew all his power.

"Minato-senpai is so powerful!"

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