5 Chapter 005 | I understand the reason why the blind monk shouts ‘Hiku’.

How could he tell an orphan girl with high EQ that awakening Mangekyō Sharingan was a dead-end?

Manoshi replied, "No problem, Kaoru-san, you are only three tomoe away from Mangekyō."

He made a gesture with his fingers of 'just that little bit'.

"You can just honestly be a D-rank mission killer. 'This monument is dedicated to Kaoru Uchiha, a pioneer in applying jutsu to agricultural production.' What do you think?"

"Don't look down on people. My goal is to become a powerful female shinobi like Lady Tsunade! Eat my Chakra Enhanced punch!"

Kaoru Uchiha certainly didn't know Chakra Enhanced Strength was an exclusive skill, but this punch was also a serious attack that used chakra.

Everyone who had studied physics in junior high school knew what the effects were of two forces colliding.

Manoshi didn't disperse the power of the divine dragon covering the surface of his body, and the divine dragon power was stronger than Kaoru Uchiha's chakra, so the girl tragically knocked herself out.

Manoshi held his forehead, "Well, she's usually a very reliable person. So why does she become a fool whenever she enters her ninja mode?"

"No more practice, no more practice, Manoshi-kun is strong, ugh..." Kaoru Uchiha stood up again, "I can be a Genin for life. Anyway, I'm not the only lifetime Genin in the village."

'Maybe, teenage girls really didn't have the talent to be shinobis.'

'It has been said that as long as you become a shinobi, even the most unskilled Genin can eat and drink without worry. But, from a safety point of view, in a large village like Konoha, she may have lower strength but a longer life.'

However, this didn't mean that he didn't want the young girl to become stronger.

'Except for Sharingan, which was a specialty of Uchiha, taijutsu and genjutsu practice shouldn't be left behind.'

'Since I have some free time, why don't I help Kaoru-san with special training?' Manoshi thought to himself.


Two months later, deep in the Forest of Death, a large number of trees were broken off at the belt, revealing jagged broken stubbles.

The young figure was sitting among them.

"So, what did the blind monk mean by shouting 'Hiku'? "

(TLNote: Thai (muay-thai) = Hikuh! / English = Hii-yah! / something people yell when doing martial arts.)

After crossing, he lived in this world where he would die if he didn't work hard for 12 years. Manoshi's impression of the games he played in the past life had long been blurred.

He could only remember that one skill was to throw a ball or something to mark the enemy and fly over. A second skill was to fly over to teammates to add a shield. Next, a third skill was to hit the floor to slow down the enemy, and then the big move was to kick the enemy away...?

'What the hell are these inferior moves?!'

Three of the four skills came with 'dash', but it was clear that they were designed for gameplay -- at least Manoshi himself didn't feel that he had the gift of space-time jutsu.

However, the training results were still gratifying.

Like these broken trees around, he kicked them off when he tried the 'big move'.

He didn't practice taijutsu, and he was a typical ninjutsu shinobi from Uchiha, who was proficient in Fire Release and minor Lightning Release. His taijutsu skills were just barely up to Jōnin standards.

But with the brutal addition of the power of the divine dragon, it could cause the same destructive power as the Chakra Enhanced moves of the Senju clan.

He just needed to continue refining his skills and reduce the consumption of physical strength and energy.

And Manoshi's most valued perception ability also had a sudden improvement in results. Inspired by his skills, he began to spread the power of the dragon and the chakra with sound waves.

Spreading the power of the divine dragon and chakra out with the sound waves, he could now measure the position and shape of objects around him through the sound waves he created - although only at a range of 10 meters.

However, with his situation now, he could enter the Forest of Death alone. So, many people began to suspect that Manoshi's eyes were actually not damaged; among them was Danzō Shimura.

This person had repeatedly claimed in high-level meetings:

"Manoshi Uchiha's eyes must be a camouflage! It's the conspiracy of the Uchiha clan to accumulate power!"

At another high-level internal meeting, Danzō Shimura repeated the same old tune and made no secret of his malice towards the Uchiha clan.

"The battle against Suna has sacrificed too much, but the Uchiha clan, who are responsible for defending against the Kiri Shinobi, was able to maintain its combat power. This is a very dangerous sign."

"Enough Danzō, didn't Haru confirm already? All the nerves in Manoshi Uchiha's eyes are necrotic. His Mangekyō is gone. If there's a conspiracy, why would the Uchiha clan sacrifice the precious Mangekyō Sharingan? "

Hiruzen Sarutobi got a headache because of Danzō's obsession with the Uchiha clan.

"Forget it, let the Uchiha clan send another shinobi to reinforce the defense line in Kusaka."

On the other side, Manoshi, who completed his daily practice, picked up his walking stick.

This thing was mainly used to make sound waves.

He couldn't walk and shout 'Hiku' at the same time, could he?

However, Manoshi estimated that when the strength of the divine dragon's senses reached its peak, the whole situation in Konoha village may be clear to him, just by the sound of footsteps.

Walking on the street, the villagers had become accustomed to this blindfolded child. Looking back, when he went out alone for the first time, the villagers were so enthusiastic.

All kinds of aunts and sisters were eager to help him, but the only drawback was all the stifling noise.

Now, they just said hello and went about their business.

To put it simply, Manoshi was 'out of fashion'.

The popular figure in Konoha village now was the newly emerged commoner genius, the disciple of the Sannin Jiraiya, Minato Namikaze.

Manoshi, of course, was happy to be free of it.

With his limited knowledge of the Hokage storyline, he did know that the commoner genius was a very good man who died early - just a few years into his Hokage tenure.

At that time, Manoshi would face the biggest crisis, the nine-tailed beast's chaos and the Uchiha clan annihilation incident.

'Can I stop Madara Uchiha's conspiracy?' Manoshi felt very overwhelmed.

Without vision, especially without Sharingan, although he had been getting stronger under the transformation power of the divine dragon.

However, he had personally experienced Mangekyō Sharingan's power, and he knew it was far from enough.

'Maybe I should practice Konoha's taijutsu in accordance with the direction of dragon power?' Manoshi always felt like he was missing something.

"Who gave you permission to set up a stall here!"

Manoshi felt a little 'familiar' with this brash tone.

He strolled towards the source of sound with his walking stick. Unsurprisingly, from the large amount of chakra contained in the man's eyes, he could tell that it was someone from the Uchiha clan.

In fact, in Konoha, besides Uchiha, the eyes of the Hyuga clan also contained chakra.

However, Konoha's 'urban management' did not include people from the Hyuga clan.

Sensing the villagers' fear, Manoshi frowned and spoke, "What's happening here? "

Although he had been secretly educating the next generation of the Uchiha family psychologically and ideologically, the adult shinobis of the clan were not within his influence.

"This old thing is setting up a roadside stall." This Uchiha clansman responded, "I am driving her away."


A thin walking stick pounded on the Uchiha guy's arm, making an explosive sound. The Uchiha clansman who felt the pain covered his arm and stepped back a few steps.

Maybe he would have fought back if he could.

Dealing with the hateful stare, Manoshi slowly said, "Keep your mouth clean. Is there any street where stalls are not allowed on the roadside?"

"The street itself is very narrow, and everything she puts up takes up half of the street."

"That means there are no rules about it, right?" Manoshi's walking stick struck the ground again and again.

"Yes ... Yes."

"The police as the officials could use violence. But all actions should be carried out under existing regulations. Maybe setting stalls here isn't suitable, but even if there are loopholes in the rules, they should solve the loopholes instead of acting according to their own ideas."

Manoshi said so and paused.

"Forget it; you go first. I'll deal with it here."

The Uchiha clansman was relieved and walk quickly to the end of the street.

Manoshi, on the other hand, changed his cold face before and said to the old woman kindly, "Granny, you see setting up a stall in this street does affect others. I may give feedback to Hokage-sama on this issue. So you should be prepared, but I think Hokage-sama will make proper arrangements for you."

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