3 Chapter 003 | A Very Simple Way to Deal with Uchiha.

An unexpected reaction.

Kaoru didn't want to expose him to the information outside.

In fact, there were quite a few Uchiha clansmen who had the same idea as her, but all of them were currently fighting for their companions in the front line. Now, the right to speak in the family was entirely held by the elders.

Manoshi himself had guessed as to how this part of the Uchiha clan, who valued their eyes more than their relatives, thought of Manoshi's actions.

Of course, he didn't regret it. The Mangekyō Sharingan, without another pair of Mangekyō Sharingan related by blood, was only a matter of time before the eyesight was lost.

As for transplanting ocular cells, such a high-risk operation, he would probably try it if he didn't have the power of the divine dragon.

"I don't really care what they think." Manoshi walked towards the location of the door that he remembered, "In my opinion, I am still a hundred times better than them, even after losing Sharingan. "

'Well, a hundred times better in the psychological and combat sense.'

"Manoshi-kun ..."

Pushing open the door, the outside world was swarming with all kinds of noises, making it difficult for Manoshi, who had a powerful sense of hearing, to adjust for the first time.

"Look, it's that poor kid. "

"His eyes are covered with bandages. How will he live afterwards? "


"Why sacrifice the children of Uchiha to save those civilians? "

"It's all a conspiracy by the Senju clan. The Hokage is targeting our Uchiha clan!"


"That boy ruined our Uchiha name!"

"He destroyed the precious Sharingan! Expel him from the family!"


There were both good intentions and bad intentions. All the voices of every living being reached Manoshi's ears. The only thing he thought was -- he had to master the skills of listening to sound and distinguishing positions as soon as possible.

'Definitely not to find his aggressors and beat them up...'

In Manoshi's memory, besides blind monk Lee Sin, there is also a guy called Nocturne, whose biggest thing in common is that he can "see" more things using his other senses than only his sight.

Now, Manoshi needed to figure out how to train himself to be like them too.

"Kaoru-san, can you take me to the training ground?"

Although he couldn't see, Manoshi turned to face Kaoru Uchiha, inhaling the faint fragrance of flowers carried by her after-washed clothes, making him feel even more at ease.

"But your eyes... " Kaoru Uchiha held Manoshi's arm tightly.

"Where do you want to go? " Sensing Kaoru Uchiha's nervousness, Manoshi smiled broadly. "I just want to find a place to exercise. "

With Kaoru Uchiha leading the way, Manoshi slowly walked along the road.

The closer they got to the training ground, the stronger the malice from the clan became.

Some of the Uchiha shinobis were very spiteful of Manoshi's act of sacrificing his eyes to protect others.

As a matter of fact, the Uchiha clan was still a very loving family, but it's a pity that the mindset of the shinobi world wasn't good, and they all grew up crooked.

Some of these low-strength clansmen pinned their twisted hearts on the honor of their families, which was detestable and pitiful.

What does it matter to these people if Manoshi depleted both of his own Sharingan?

No, it's all about rebuke.

They thought of the Mangekyō Sharingan as a family treasure. How could he destroy them without permission at such a young age?

Of course, they are unaware of how thrilling their ancestors fought back in the day -- before the fight, they first activated Izanagi genjutsu.

How can Sharingan be such an inconvenience!?

But not all of the members of the Uchiha clan are like that.

For example, when Manoshi went out, he received a lot of kind condolences from many aunts and grannies.

"Manoshi-senpai, go for it!"

A child who hadn't graduated ran past Manoshi and whispered quickly.

So, it's not like no one supported Manoshi, it's just that the time wasn't right.

Because right now, due to the Third Shinobi War, all the powerful shinobis in the clan had gone to the front lines to battle against the Kiri shinobis.

Left in the village, in addition to the old and weak, were those people who were weak or felt they were particularly special.

Well, except for Kaoru Uchiha.

'Public opinion' was controlled by the elders who were hostile towards Manoshi, and naturally many clansmen refrained from speaking out or openly supporting Manoshi.

Just like now, Manoshi, who had just set foot on the training ground, was stopped by some clansmen.

"Manoshi Uchiha, since you are not a shinobi anymore, don't make trouble at the ninja training grounds."

The condescending tone was deeply inspired by the elders.

"And you are?" Manoshi cocked his head and continued forward against the arm that stopped in front of his body.

"I'm Genichiro Uchiha, the grandson of the First Elder. I advise you to stop now, or don't blame me for being rude!" Seeing that Manoshi continued to go on his own way, Genichiro Uchiha pulled out a kunai from the ninja pouch at his waist, and pointed it at Manoshi.

But for Manoshi, the unheard-of name was probably just a civilian that hadn't been able to open his Sharingan.

"Do you really want to fight me?" Manoshi said coldly as he brushed aside Kaoru Uchiha, who held his arm in her embrace.

Kaoru Uchiha saw his intention and rushed to stop it, "Manoshi-kun, don't get agitated ..."

"What gave you the courage to go against me?"

He suddenly raised his chakra and formed seals in his hands rapidly. It took less than two seconds for a 'Fire Release - Fireball' jutsu to spurt out of his mouth.

Searing flames brushed past Genichiro Uchiha's ears, and the air was filled with the burnt smell of burning protein.

"Waaaaaaaah. How dare you, how dare you attack a clansman with a jutsu?!"

Genichiro Uchiha, who was sitting on his butt on the ground, pointed his finger at Manoshi and cried out for help.

"Somebody, somebody! Manoshi Uchiha is going to kill someone!"

The Uchiha, who were scattered in various corners, soon gathered and stared at the 'innocent' blind man with wary eyes.

Another part of the clan looked at each other, shook their heads helplessly, and quietly left the training ground.

"That's too much. How can you strike out at your clan members?"

"Yeah, apologize to Genichiro."

"I'm going to inform the Clan Head."

The numerous condemnations made Manoshi, who had enhanced hearing, feel as painful as if he had two beehives in his ears.

"Hahahaha, don't be ridiculous, you losers. " He suddenly laughed up at the sky, "As a shinobi, when pointing kunai at the enemy, they should hold the determination to die. "

"Oh, and if you can't even beat me, a cripple, you shouldn't become a shinobi. Simply become the family's reproductive tool to live for the rest of your lives. "

Manoshi walked alone to the middle of the training ground and turned to face the crowd of Uchiha clansmen.

"Let me determine your qualifications as a shinobi and as human beings!"

"Let me teach this lawless punk a lesson. "

A gray-haired old man took the lead, revealing his proud three Tomoe Sharingan.

"I'll teach you the true source of power of the Uchiha clan. "

"Fire Release - Great Fireball Technique!"

The standard Uchiha-style starter, the old man used the great fireball technique, but the power was at the level of a B-rank fire release jutsu.

Manoshi, who had no time to dodge, was instantly encompassed by the fireball.

"Great, a direct hit?" All the pride once felt for the genius Uchiha Manoshi was now turned into resentment against him.

But the old man who turned on his Sharingan knew full well that beneath the flames was nothing more than an ordinary piece of substitute wood.

'Where's the body? Found it in the sky!'

"Humph, a 12-year-old brat, could only be at this level after all. Leaping up in the air, you're just like a stationary target for my Sharingan. Fire Release - Dragon Fire!"

Manoshi, who was hit directly by the dragon fire in the air, turned into a cloud of smoke.

Shadow clone!

Realizing that something was wrong, the old man turned around. He saw Manoshi's original body standing behind him and subconsciously launched Demonic Illusion - Shackling Stakes Technique, an exclusive Sharingan illusion technique that had saved him several times on the battlefield.

But Manoshi's movements weren't interrupted at all.

"How's that possible?!!"

"Sharingan's illusions don't work on a blind man like me!"

Adding the active divine dragon power mixed with chakra to his hand crudely, Manoshi struck the old man in the stomach with a punch.

With just one blow, the old man flew backwards more than 10 meters and lost the ability to fight any further.

"Who else wants to teach me a lesson?"

Manoshi said coldly, thinking in his heart that he was really tired of pretending to be a pushover.

Everything that had happened so far was under his control. In his opinion, the way to deal with the Uchiha clan was very simple.

'If they weren't convinced, beat them until they accept it!'



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