The Blind Side

Being mistreated by her entire family, Rosa always wondered why they hated her so much. But one day when she discovers the truth, she decides to run away from her so-called parents and family to lead a peaceful life, away from all the mess she grew up with but little did she know that this was just the beginning of all the difficulties and troubles she had to face. On the very day of her elopement, Rosa ends up meeting a powerful and handsome young man who will change her fate and life forever. She eventually falls in love with him but later finds out that he is forbidden fruit and she shouldn’t be around him. What do you think will Rosa do when she finds out that she shouldn’t be loving him or be with him? Join Rosa in the journey of dealing with all the problems and challenges that come in her way and how she also tries to find happiness and love from her messy life. The cover is not mine. SUPPORT THE AUTHOR BY VOTING AND WRITING A REVIEW. Joined Discord channel https://discord.gg/hSzneEe

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Truth and lies

Rosa tried to see what was written in the pepper but she couldn't see anything her eyesight has worsened again, And having no one to take care of her she didn't know for how she is supposed to speak to the teacher who kept sending letters with her for her parents to come to the school, as her grade becoming very bad with every test but no one showed up.

" Rosa come here." the teacher called her when she was about to leave.

standing in front of the teacher Rosa knew what her teacher will tell her and she didn't know what lie she should tell her teacher this time

" Rosa is everything alright I saw your crying earlier?" her teacher spoke to her in a tender tone.

lowering her head Rosa didn't answer.


At home

When Rosa entered the house she saw a woman and two men who were sitting with her parents, And when she first entered she saw a small bag was placed by the entrance.

" Rosa you came on time her mother spoke walking towards her."

Her mother guided her towards the sofa she was aware that her daughter has bad eyesight, But she didn't care and Rosa was used to the so-called her parents never in their lives had treated her well.

As Rosa sit there she listened to her parents speaking with the woman who came to sit beside her,  the woman was kind Rosa could tell.

" you are very beautiful Rosa." The woman said smiling at her.

" Thank you." Young Rosa replied politely.

"Our Rosa is very obedient." Her father spoke, how strange Rosa thought they always told her that she is rude and have a very sharp tongue.

" So when will you be taking her?" she heard her father ask.

" After we sign the adoption papers." The woman answered

Rosa panicked when she heard what the woman said she had always heard her parents they will give her to some rich family that they can afford her expenses.  

"Mom don't let them take my away please." Young Rosa clinched her mother skirt pleading her.

" Rosa please don't be scared." The woman tried to approach but Rosa slapped her hand away.

Turning to her father she tried to spoke to him but he pushed her away roughly.

"You are not my daughter we only took you in because of that women promised to pay us money for raising you but that bitch stopped sending money for two years." her father spoke.

Rosa was shocked hearing this she had lived her life knowing that they are her parents some part of her child mind didn't understand what that exactly meant, But all that she knew right now that she must run away from here, She didn't want to go with people that she didn't know.

Running towards the door she opened it and ran as fast as she could to get away from her home hoping that no one will find her.


Rosa's fall on the ground trying to catch her breath, She looked around her, She didn't know where she is this place was new to her, Getting up from the ground she started to walk among the street not knowing where to go.

Nightfall and young Rosa didn't know where to go she was hungry but she had no money to pay something to eat, wiping the tears in her eyes she sat on the chair looking at the people who were passing by, she was cold and hungry and didn't know where to go.

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