The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire) Book

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The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire)


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Under the moonlight, a city stands in the shadow of gangsters that have been making trouble and disturbing the public. The gangsters are consisted of strong men who are good at fighting. Unexpectedly, they are actually the young people who are crazy for money and power. The city has become a battlefield for them. Emma Hilland moved alone to a city miles away from her home where she grew up as a princess. Because of a problem, she decided to move and continue her study in this city. This time, she would try to be a normal girl. But, just like a fire, she would burn whatever she touched. This is the story of how The Black Swan group was formed in the City of Handway. Behind the beautiful legs that jump amidst the flower field, the deadly poisonous thorns are hiding. But, could the swan's heart be conquered? !! Read !! This story contains action and martial arts topics. Some have mature content. If you are looking for a romance story, then this book isn't suitable for you. Because this is MORE than that! Try if you DARE! Tag for : Friendship, Brother/Sister-hood, A lot of actions, Martial arts, Self improve, Romance. ---- Hello! If you enjoy this book, please don't forget to give PS , review, and comments. Thank you! ^^ Also read my other English story on Webnovel : - The Prince Of The East Sea - The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire) Get me on Social media : Instagram : @kalong_ungu_eng FB Page : Author Kalong_ungu English

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