1 Chapter One

Chapter One

It was almost a good morning. The flowers start to bloom. I heard the birds tweeting as well as the people's noise.

But not until the students from that university visited the town. They wore a nice uniform. It was a slitted dress partnered with black shorts and black knee-high boots.

They said that the color variation of the dress and their shoe strings depends on the power they have. It can also be just your choice.

That academy was named after Arden Ingram, he was the founder of our nation they said. So our nation was named after him and so was the famous university.

Every rich family from the eight kingdoms can send off their sons and daughters to make them study there. That university was too expensive that I need to work 10 jobs a day.

Who wouldn't want to study there if they have a chance? It is where the teachers will help the students to upgrade all their powers and help them to use it properly.

I wanted to study there, Who wouldn't? Because I was looking for a reason why am I still surviving the day even though I have almost died many times?

I envy them. No, I envy the opportunity they have. But all they do is to look down on the people of the town. Call them with bad names and laugh at us. Those brats!

People like us, we are the people with nothing. Every people from the town needed help from those rich families so they will buy something from us to be able to eat and survive the day.

"Stop staring at them." River said and laugh. He was fixing all the vegetables and fruits that we were supposed to sell.

River was the only family I treat as mine although he isn't. He became a brother to me since I was five because that's the only time I could remember.

He was very hard-working and street smart. For fifteen freaking years, he didn't stop working. He always told me that in this town, you will not survive if you're not going to do anything to help yourself.

So for the past years, we do nothing but take endless rackets and jobs to earn money.

"I was just looking at them, nothing else," I said while pouring water to our vegetable s and fruits to make them look more fresh and tasty.

"I thought you were going to attack one of them in a minute." He backfired. I glared at him but he just shrugged it off.

We were lucky that River was just as accommodating as he was that's why we always have a lot of customers and we usually sold everything before the day ends.

He was the one calling customers and I was the one who will make their payments and give their bought items.

And our routine will continue like that and maybe until our last breath.

It was Sunday when River told me to deliver fruits and vegetables to our consistent customer from the end of the town near the border. It was a rich family so River will give them the nicest fruit and vegetables he had.

"Good morning, Demi!"

"Good morning, Mrs. Sunny!" I answered back.

People from the town proper were always like this. We tend to understand each other's difficult times. It is very normal to greet each other every time.

But then a loud sound made everyone silent and scared. A huge impact splashes us away from the border. Due to being shocked by the impact, I wasn't able to move.

I was lying down to the ground as well as other people. Smoke started to occupy the place. I slowly move to stand to help others but the crying and pleading make me weak.

Suddenly, a siren started to ring from the megaphones owned by the town. The siren means an intruder has entered and destroyed the town's border.

Fuck this! The siren only made everyone more scared.

"Run! Runaway from here!" I said


Everyone runs to the plaza. I was almost near to running to but when I heard someone pleading I stopped.

"H-help!" It was almost a whisper. I look around to find the voice but the only one I saw was an old man lying on the ground and was cornered by five people.

The five was wearing a black outfit covering their body except for their eyes. Their eyes were blood red and they're almost as black as smoke.

"The king has ordered us to look for the black pearl, do you know where it is hidden?"


"Then, you must be killed!" He was about to get struck by a... A SHADOW BLADE?!

but before they struck him, I immediately splash them a snowball, the size of a basketball. It was enough to push them away from the old man so I run towards him and help him to stand up.

"You will take the responsibility of defending a man from the grip of a shadow warrior." He said.

I didn't look at them from my back but I bravely answered him. "And you shall accept the fate of those who failed to follow the kingdom's rule."

The old man was carried by the other people while I remain in my position. If I run with them, these bastards will follow us and they might kill someone, and if I stay, I might be killed. But I am Demitria, from the town and I don't run away from my opponents.

I felt a whip wrap around my waist and I was pulled towards them. But I stabbed my dagger on the ground to make the pull slower and as I reached them, I kick the first guy's legs that made him down for a second, and then I took his spear and stabbed it to his chest.

While I was holding the spear, I jumped and circularly kick them on their chest.

I pulled out the spear and throw it on my second target. The spear hit his forehead that made him down. But right after I did that I was held by the other two and was pulled down to the ground.

The third guy was walking towards me slowly and was getting ready to strike his blade on me but I did a back lift to release myself from their grip.

I took my other dagger and made it sharper by adding ice crystals on the blade. My dagger also becomes longer.

They attack me with their spear and sword but I just parred with their attacks. I got hit with the blade of their swords on my shoulders and legs but I do not have a choice but to defend myself or else they will continue to kill our people to find what they are looking for.

I don't even want to use my elemental powers but I have no choice but to freeze them to their deaths.

I took his swords while they are attacking me and when I had the chance, I swung the sword to the air with a splash of my power to make the blade sharper and to divide the spear into two.

Their weapons become nothing if they are broken or the owner died. I already confirmed it a while ago so I did it again.

My knees fell on the floor due to tiredness but this time will be the best time to attack them together at once. I saw them coming to me running with a sword and a spear in their hands aiming at me. I will do something that I have never tried before and I was praying that this will work.

When they reach almost ten meters away from I touched the ground and felt a sudden cold traveling from my body and exiting through my hands. It was a cold sensation but it was satisfying my body. The ground started to freeze at a speed of milliseconds and huge ice crystals started to grow along the way of the three black warriors.

They were stunned and was stabbed by my ice crystals and their body started to freeze. They weren't able to par with my attack because the crystals will just follow them.

"Demi!" I heard River's voice shouting my name but my ice power created a fog a while ago so I wasn't able to find him plus I'm feeling like I am about to lose my consciousness.

I need to stand up so I did. Drops of blood are flowing from my wounds but I immediately froze the open parts so the blood will stop from falling through it.

I slowly walk to find where River's voice coming from. I saw a figure of a body that looks like him so I smiled and immediately walk fast to him.

"Demi! Shit, Demi! Look at you!"He shouted as we fell together on the ground. He hugged me when he saw me and I felt very tired so my knees got weak.

I closed my eyes as I knew that I was safe already. He's touching my hair as I laid on her chest.

I heard the loud noise of the carriage fast approaching this place. They were late as usual.

"Check for casualties and injured!"

"Help! Please my sister is injured!" I heard River's call for help. His voice started to crack and I know he's really worried now.

"Let's carry her inside my carriage and bring her to the hospital."

I heard someone said.

The last thing I could remember was River's smiling at me and telling me that everything will be fine.


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