The Bizarre Love Game Where Everyone's a Yandere Book

novel - Fantasy

The Bizarre Love Game Where Everyone's a Yandere


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The protagonist, Elias, inadvertently enters the second iteration of the game world known as "Yandere". Due to his neglect of emotional connections with female characters in the first round, this oversight becomes extremely dangerous in this real-world iteration. The fictional heroines now exist in reality, transformed into dangerous and unstable "Yanderes". Elias's survival hinges on his ability to forge emotional bonds and the system's limited capacity to restart. His journey is a blend of dark adventure and inner growth, fighting alongside captured allies to unravel the secrets of the game world. Tags # Yandere # Weak to Strong # Apocalypse # Harem # No NTR # No Yuri # May Contain R18 Content (Chapters will be marked) # Chapters released daily (Sometimes with surprises) # Chapters will be brief, typically around 1000 to 1500 words (Sometimes with surprises).