The Birth of a Villainess

Blessed with a peerless beautiful face, Xiaofei was worthy of winning every men's heart and gaining women's envy in her previous life. But she foolishly fell in love with the evil prince, and was destined to die at the hands the one she loved. However, after her cruel death, Xiaofei finds herself alive again inside the body of a beautiful young lady from the noble Lin family owning the same name as her. But even in this new life and body. Evil schemes and scandals won't let her escape. Xiaofei swears to overturn the world and slay her enemy. With a cruel era like this, one can only forcibly try to make a shell and protect oneself from harm. Men and women needs to be bought. Golden Throne has to be passed over. Empire must be conquered and torched down. And hearts needs to be snatched. However, who would have thought that a man full of viciousness and arrogance that could pierce the sky would suddenly barge into Xiaofei's life? And would shamelessly whisper next to her ear, "Your enemy is my enemy and your wish is my command. However, I also have another wish that only you could grant for me." "That is to have my wife for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner." Xiaofei : ......... .... Disclaimer: The character(s) on the cover is NOT MINE and all credits will be given to the Owner/Artist. (I only edited the picture)

Poisonlily · History
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358 Chs

Perfect Scenario

Lin Xiaofei's wide eyes stared back at the pairs of eyes staring at them with a similar expression on their faces, their mouths were wide open, to which Lin Xiaofei found hilariously ridiculous. She tried to push Qu Xing Xu's chest as she tried to get off of him but the latter didn't let her.

An amused glint was in his eyes as he watched her struggling to get off his lap. He was certainly having fun seeing her being troubled.

Lin Xiaofei kept on struggling but after a minute, she decided to stop as it seems that her efforts were futile against this man underneath her.

"Elder Gao, what's the matter with all of you? Didn't you know I don't like being disturbed?" He said as he spared the old men standing next to the door of the carriage.

Elder Gao didn't know what to say after hearing that. Was he supposed to answer him or was he supposed to ask the questions here?