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"Young miss? Are you there?" A voice from outside called her, snapping Lin Xiaofei from her thoughts

Without turning her head, Lin Xiaofei asked the young maid, "What is it?"

Bai Lu swallowed hard after hearing her young lady's cold voice inside the room and bowed her head lower, "The first young master has sent a box of jewelry to young miss."

Since their young miss had told them to stay away from her courtyard, Bai Lu and the others stayed inside the cottage near their young lady's courtyard.

And when she was about to go to her young lady's courtyard, the first young master passed by and gave the box to her to give to their young miss.

Lin Xiaofei paused her fingers that were tracing the boy's tattoo on his back, "First young master?"

Lin Xiaofei tried to remember who was this first young master but unfortunately, she didn't have the previous owner's memory thus, she was left to guess between the other sons in the Lin residence.

"It's the first young master, Lin Shen Yu." Bai Lu supplied after hearing her young lady's voice sounding out like she never heard of this first young master.

Lin Xiaofei sighed. She didn't know what possessed this cousin of hers to suddenly deliver a box of jewelry to her courtyard.

Although she met him earlier, Lin Xiaofei was still not familiar with who was who in the Lin family members and thus, when she meets one of them, she needed to be reminded.

Just like how she met Lin Shen Yu, she didn't know that he was the first young master in the family and only call him 'dear cousin' to cover up her lies and pretend she could still remember him.

"Should I put this inside young lady's collections?" Asked Bai Lu who felt like her arms were about to fall from just carrying the small box in her hands.

Knowing how much her young miss liked to keep her jewelry and all the shiny things she deemed to be beautiful in her eyes, Bai Lu was ready to go to where Lin Xiaofei's collections were and put it in her courtyard.

And yet, Lin Xiaofei suddenly said unexpectedly, "No need. Take that and divide the things inside between you and the other servants."

Even though they shared some time together today, Lin Xiaofei was in no way to rush and trust someone she had just met today and accept his gifts.

Bai Lu was stunned at her young lady's order. This wasn't the first time the first young master has given something but this was definitely the first time, her young miss decided to let them have it instead of directly sending it to her collections.

Bai Lu felt her sweat trailing down her neck as she believed that her young miss must have said that first before giving them an impossible command.

She waited for a few seconds but still, she hadn't heard her young miss ordering them to do something.

With no other additional orders from her young miss, Bai Lu released a sigh of relief, when suddenly, she remembered something and nervously said, "Young miss… I forgot to tell you that the Second Madam's family has arrived and the old master requests your presence in the main courtyard."

"Oh? Do you know the purpose of their visit?" Lin Xiaofei raised her eyebrows and pulled back her fingers that were on the child's back. She didn't know who was this Second Madam's family who came to the Lin residence that even needed her presence to be there but it wouldn't hurt to see their faces and know their purpose.

"Unfortunately, no." Answered Bai Lu.

"Alright." Lin Xiaofei smiled and stood up from where she was seated, "Let them know that I am changing my clothes and will be on my way there."

After the maidservant left, Lin Xiaofei turned towards her closet, leaving the naked child who was still standing in front of the table.

Looking for a suitable dress for her to wear, Lin Xiaofei said to the child still standing naked in front of the table, "If you don't want to get sick, wear the clothes I put on top of the table."

Kael didn't say anything as he reached his hands out to touch the clothes she gave to him. The high-quality fabric was soft to the touch and he knew it was expensive.

Meanwhile, Lin Xiaofei went behind the room divider screen and changed her clothes from her black ones to the red dress she picked up from her several others.

The dress she chose was vibrant and made her pale skin look like white jade. She also changed her hairstyle and let half of it flow behind her back while the veil she had been wearing all this time was already discarded to the side and when she walked around the screen, Kael couldn't breathe as his eyes were glued on her.

Even though he was only a child, Kael knew what could be considered as beautiful and the woman before him was beyond that. And because she was wearing the veil the whole time they were together up until now, Kael didn't see her face and might never do if she hadn't taken it off now.

When their eyes meet, Lin Xiaofei smiled at him and stepped closer to tie his belt tighter and said, "Now, you look like a human being."

Kael glared at her and bit his tongue as he held back what he wanted to say.

Satisfied with the knot she made, Lin Xiaofei walked to the door and paused to turn her head over her shoulder to look at the boy, "I have to go and meet some people. Don't wander anywhere and just stay here. I don't want to waste my money and burn another place."

"Do you understand?"

Kael slowly nodded his head under those eyes that seemed to have a cold glint flashing behind.

With the child's nod, Lin Xiaofei's smiled broadened further as she was expecting a show was about to unfold in the place where she was heading.

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