Author's Note


This book is fictional. All names, characters, places, groups, scenes, and etc., that will be written in this book are all fictional and/or just the Author's imagination.

Any reference to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously.

And if there are any similarities in the real world, it is purely coincidence and not intentional.

I hope that the readers won't confuse this book with the reality.


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- Poisonlily

Author's Note:

Before you proceed to read this novel, there are some things you need to know.

1. The Female lead of this novel is not you typical villainess who reforms herself and try to be a good person. As the title says, it IS the birth of a villainess. So, if you expect a goody two shoes FL or someone who helps beggars in the street then, this novel is not for you.

2. This novel contains several mature scenes. (Violence, profanities, s*x scene, and etc.,.)

3. The Male lead of this novel will not fall for the female lead in first sight. The two of them will have some time together, but it is still the ML who will fall in love first and chase after FL's love.

4. Do NOT expect an innocent and righteous female lead. She's an outright EVIL female lead. If you don't like it and expect her to be kind and help other people selflessly, then this isn't your cup of tea and refrain from reading.

4. The author has busy schedule and a human being. She can only write this novel when she has time and wishes for you (readers) to understand this. Currently, she's suffering from depression and insecurities that unable her to write regularly. But still, she hopes you could give this novel a chance and enjoy reading it.

5. There's nothing more pleasing than to see you (readers) reading my novels. So I shall not hold you hostage any longer. Read and enjoy!

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