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The Bipolar Girl by LleeChina


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OK!!! maybe I'm bipolar Storměigh Mavè Pattěn-Baćh is a beautiful African girl from Namibia, a small country with one city but friendly people ok,there she's lying yes there's friendly people but not all are friendly... Storměigh got the scholarship she dreamed of to study abroad well she's lucky enough to study in Australia, FREAKING Australia I meannnn come on. When she got the news about being accepted she was over the moon, Finally her dream came true, her dream of being far away from her family, far away from her nightmares ,far away from her past But little did she know that her past was following her ,GREAT note the sarcasm, Now she has to go back to being mean, to have that fake smile she always hated and put on a mask.... Derëk Iétś is a rich guy with famous parents, both actors and a successful company to back it up.Derëk is nothing like his arrogant, selfish parents of his,he is kind ,friendly and has a good heart, but he is missing something in his life something that will fill his void he had and still have since he was a kid.. His trip to Australia was like any other trip of his but something caught his eye, Something or should I say someone... This right here is my first work,first book,first everything so please please go easy on me, Warning so many and I mean so many sarcasm And grammars too Plus alot of curse words If you don't like that please don't read this book The Bipolar Girl is on wattpad and now on webnovel please do enjoy Llee


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