The Billionaire Prick

Author: Bethel-Gold
Contemporary Romance
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  • 128 Chs
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What is The Billionaire Prick

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At Bernard Tech, financial troubles loom large as their current major project hits a snag.  The Lorenzo family grapples with challenges, caused mainly by their youngest son, Dimitri, who is haunted by past heartbreaks as he walks a dangerous path, much to their dismay. Kingsley Bernard, desperate for a solution, asks his friend Donald for assistance. Donald Lorenzo offers a lifeline. A marriage proposal between their children.  Audriana must navigate the treacherous waters of Dimitri's unpredictable behavior. As tensions arise and secrets unravel, will Dimitri discard his reckless ways and embrace love? Will their union rescue Bernard Tech from ruin? Would they find out who tried to sabotage a pivotal project?

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Hello my Lovely readers/fans, Author Here again!!! So this is another review i am giving my book, but i want to say thank you for being supportive and giving my book a read. i might not be the best Author but i try. Do leave a review, chapter comment and if possible paragraph comment when you read, it would be amazing to know what my readers/fans think when they read my book or when a new chapter comes up. i want to know how you feel about this book, and it will be a medium to connect with you all. Thank you and Saving Me votes will be very great, don't you think? Save Me some and get prepared for the next chapters to come... See ya later ;) and please like this review so others can see!!!


I really love this novel. The author's way of narration leaves you hook into the novel and wanting for more. Such a master piece. I highly recommend this to every reader out there.


This is awesome, I gave five stars in each category. Because this is a romance novel and the protagonist is a male. And it has been written by examining the details of the male world. It contains details that only a man can write...But the author is a woman. Congratulations, really. Please keep going on to write...


OMG 😱 I'm in love right now This book is everything, I highly recommend I admire the author style of writing, the story idea is remarkable Kudos to the author


what an interesting story. I am a huge fan of billionaire's stories and just hope that both of the leads will have a happy ending. It is not easy to start a relationship as a business deal, everyone deserves happiness. Love it and keep it up author.


This is quite an interesting plot. I am not a fan of marriages like these but when left with no choice, i guess all a child can do is being filial while at the same time pray to have a happy ending. Really loved it a lot, well done author


a very interesting plot. very funny and just makes one lost in it. the execution was simply superb and i am glad that i got to stumble upon this one. keep up the good work author


a great title and cover page. It just hooks you before you even start to read. I loved the plot especially two strong characters getting mixed together. the concept of family that supports their child and not forcing them to do their own wishes, really loved it. well done author


I really like how the story introduces its characters that is a nice touch. Also the stage creation is beautiful. What I like about this story is how the author potrays the dialogue exchange between the leads. Well done :)


First of all, I recommend this novel. It is really interesting. What else can I say?! Interesting, amazing, exciting and all other words of appraisal. Just give it a try!


Good story and interesting characters. Solid dialogue, but I would put a bit more description into the setting. I would also put a bit more description into what the characters actually look like. I look forward to seeing what you do next, cheers.


Honestly I could not stop reading. The first time I stumbled on this book, the description had me. I like the characters and their close bounds. It's just lovely.


Hi Bethal!! loved your book; it's funny and quite interesting and hey it's my favourite category too u have written ur book well. Perfect description of each character. Oh! I'm gonna so enjoy reading it. Great work! ❤️❤️❤️


Simply love Dimitri! The story is very interesting and i found myself wanting more! A good job to you author and i’ll surely recommend this story to others


!Wow!!! I love the cover page! Very original and catchy. I also like Dimitri and his personality. I hope he will find a way to deal with his traumas. The plot is interesting and the other characters also. Well done!


Great story with great execution. It's been a long time since I could afford to lose myself in a steamy romance story, but reading this through made me thirst for each chapter. Well done, once again she has properly delivered a well structured story.👍


very classy and rich language is here. I like the way the author prepares their character for the troublesome situation. it's the way the author Grasps it. keep up the good work, author!


This is such a tempting read and a classic! Very nicely written and a wonderful book! The description was amazing, the story line , the plot was wonderful as well, worth reading it 😍💕


Nice cover. Long sentences, but really nicely formed and that’s a strength. You describe everything so well points for that! I really liked the start. Good work!


Beautiful synopsis. Your mastery of language is impressive and so is your grammar. Books that are well written are a major turn on for me. I enjoyed the synopsis and like the plot. Nice work


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