The Billionaire Prick Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire Prick


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Bernard Tech has recently started experiencing some financial issues after a model they were building for a company encountered an issue. Donald and Patricia Lorenzo worry for their son, Dimitri because of his wayward ways after his brother's death and the breakup with his fiancee. Kingsley Bernard decided to seek help from his childhood friend, Donald Lorenzo who offered to help him only if their children can be united in holy matrimony. Kingsley's daughter Audriana will have to put up with an annoying jerk who sees any reason to provoke her and say something nasty after issuing a compliment to her. Dimitri will have to try to stay by his no-feelings rule when he finally gets married to Audriana. When they are finally joined together as husband and wife will Dimitri become a better man, dump all his wayward ways, forget what his ex did to him, and finally succumb to what he feels for his bride or will he continue his wayward ways? Do you think their union will save Bernard Tech and they will find who was the reason behind the model that developed some issues? Find out in the story "The Billionaire Prick" The second book in the Billionaire Series is 'A Billionaire's Secret'